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CreativeCrash returns to
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CreativeCrash returns to
admin, added 2016-11-28 07:45:25 UTC 7,513 views  Rating:
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Welcome to the new! has now returned to our original namesake of Highend3d. was our original name started over 19 years ago.  CreativeCrash was a convergence of Highend2d and Highend3d which used to be 2 separate sites.  As the official partner of many software companies; Nothing Real (Shake), Chalice, Apple, Autodesk, and Discreet, we saw a shift in both ownership of these software applications and ultimately loss of these partnerships and support, leaving CreativeCrash mostly focused on 3D, with a bit of legacy Shake and some Nuke users.  With that in mind we felt it was best to return to our roots and focus on our 3D strengths; thus the return of! is packed with new features, new paradigmns and new ways of doing things.  We know there will be a big adjustment for our loyal CreativeCrash users, but rest assured we are working through sections to ensure the best user experience possible.

One of our main new focuses is finding content easily.  You will notice a new top menu that shows all sections and subsections so that you can easily navigate the entire the site from wherever you are.  We have also completely rewritten our search and from the top menu you will now find an inline autocomplete search to help you find any content on the site without leaving that page.

Another focus is on readability.  You can see this through the new layout as well as with the new forums which let you see all posts from a main view as apposed to navigating in and out of specific forum categories.

This transition was a major port of decades of content and consolidation of sections/technologies.  Expect some bugs and lots of things changing over the next month as we see what works well and what doesn't.  We thank you for all of your support!

Will McCullough (admin)