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Book Rig 2.0.0 for Maya

Procedural book rig


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I hope that rig for book is more realistic

Submitted by: li car li car
Hi, hello, I bought book rig for commercial projects. In use, I hope that rig for book is more realistic, and the gap between the page and the cover can be adjusted separately. Let the book look more realistic when it is animated. Refer to the 7~10second security in the link below. The animation form of the book. If you can do it, I am willing to pay for the upgrade.

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  • Pavel Korolyov

    Pavel Korolyov said over 3 years ago:

    Hi  li car, 
    as I see in your video reference, yes more advanced pages setup. My book rig was create for fast and easy create book with needed proporsions and it have simple attribute for animating. Here, every pages have volume, it have more complex system. But I think this rig have not so wide book changing, I think setup was created for exact book. And more, I think every shot have differrent rig.
    I would like to help you, and I want to make more advance book rig, but I already have many current tasks and not so much free time. Im not sure what you will wait me.
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    Pavel Korolyov

    Pavel Korolyov said over 3 years ago:

    reply last message, its gone.
    When I wrote to you, my also disappear and I did write again. )
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    li car

    li car said over 3 years ago:


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