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DummyMan - humanoid basic rig 1.0.4 for Maya

humanoid rig for animation


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  • 9.x, 2009

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:12/13/2016
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human, male, Rig, maya

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  • tamb

    tamb said over 7 years ago:

    Great for realistic animation, bodymechanics, action... To make it look more realistic, I scale foots at 0.85 and hands at 0.9
  • tom robbins

    tom robbins said over 11 years ago:

    Awesome body mechanics rig. Overall it is a very high quality simple rig, though it is a bit different from the norm in terms of how the rig works, or at least what I am used to. But being so simple it is not hard to figure it out. It is very obvious this guy knows how the human body works and thus intelligently places his edge loops allowing the model to stay very low poly and still look really damn good. You do not have complete control over the fingers which kind of stinks, but you certainly have enough for body mechanic work (You control main knuckle and the other two are controlled by a curl function) If you have any use for a neutral rig for body mechanic work I would highly recommend you just shell out the money for this rig over a free rig.
  • thecore95

    thecore95 said almost 12 years ago:

    There is a bug that is happening with the rig and its really upsetting after having paid so much money for this rig. It is happening in Maya 2011 on Snow Leopard OSX. For whatever reason, after I would work on the model and save my progress, I would come back to find the bottom part of the feet missing!! This happened more than one time and ultimately I stopped using the model shortly after that. I plan to give this a second try on maya 2012 on the windows xp OS so we will see how it turns out there.
  • emomobile

    emomobile said about 13 years ago:

    Awesome rig. Very simple and easy to use. Great for focusing just on body mechanics and getting it right. Would love to see IK/FK switching on the arms and legs Here's an example animation I did with it:
  • JBDM

    JBDM said over 14 years ago:

    This is a very nice work. I just start using maya, I wanted to mofidy the shapes of the body and keep the base, but I don't know how to unlock the figure, can anyone help me? I really don't know much about Maya so I will appreciate if you could give me some indications. Cheers
  • ontaious

    ontaious said over 15 years ago:

    The weights on this rig are amazing. The movement in the neck as you move the head is very impressive. You exceeded your goal with this rig. It is simple but powerful. One thing confused me at first was that you can use the Heel Roll to translate the foot. Its just something that needs to be locked. Oh! And thanks for creating the Character Set :)
  • plaf

    plaf said about 16 years ago:

    I'm going to have a play around with this later on, it looks very good! Nice and simple controls, no exquisite finger controls or facials, but those aren't what I was looking for, this seems to be a very good rig for "just doing animation" !! :)
  • Arash Moradinezhad

    Arash Moradinezhad said over 16 years ago:

    I made simple animation from your rig last night. thank you Alexey Borzykh aka NURB!

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