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Mannequin 0.0.2 for Maya

Mannequin for Animation (Maya)


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  • 2018

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Last Modified:09/07/2023
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Mannequin: Frankly speaking, Have made this rig just for action animation (like fight scene, dance etc.) and not for acting & lipsync. It has no facial expressions, no any other blendshapes, just a simple mannequin. Have used advance skeleton & adapted a lot (including its leg joints 100%) to make it simple enough & "user friendly" for all of us. Have tried more than 100% & eliminate (as well) each & every potential bugs coming across my way so far. You're welcome to let me know if there's any. I'll work on it to serve you better.

-leg controllers include ball roll, toe roll, heel roll, ankle roll, tap.
-leg include both ik & fk controllers.
-hands include finger controllers both (overall & individuals), ik fk too.
-fk spine controllers. (note: orientation of COG is different than other fk spine controllers).
-rig includes global scale too.
-It also includes characterset named "mannequin".
-can hide controllers by unchecking visibility of 1st layer.

You can ask anything about this rig to me.
& oh yeah, I'd love to see its animation made by you.

Hope it helps you.
All the best.
Keep working.

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