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Miranda (Fake Muscle Rig Maquette) 5.0.0 for Maya

Helper Bone and Blendshape Rig Maquette (NOT Maya Muscle) with HumanIK.


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Last Modified:10/02/2019
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HumanIK, Rig, maya

Hi There!

Now, I release the ver. 5 of Miranda -- as fake muscle rig.
You know, the previous version of Miranda is very huge rig with Maya Muscle, which was heavy to use.
This time, I've rebuilt it from scratch only with Maya native Smooth Bind assisted by some Blendshape targets to fake muscle behaviour (those Blendshape targets are included in the rig scene with visibility disabled).
The main body rig is moved by Maya native HumanIK technology.
And some Facial and Additional Controlers (e.g. for muscle pumping) are also implemented.
It is definitely easy to use than before.
HumanIK technology can move any kind of body parts.
And Additional Controlers can pump the muscles up (more) for each body parts by Scale tool, for example.
Before Pumping for Right Arm:
After Pumping for Right Arm (Additionally with bending the elbow):
For Facial Expressions.
Each facial parts can be moved by those YELLOW controlers by Trans/Rot/Scale tools.
It can change its body shape by adding extra morphing targets (Blendshape).
The base mesh to morph is included in the ZIP folder as OBJ format.
(User customizing is necessary to tweak the base mesh for morphing.)