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Mobility Game Animation Pack for Maya

290 Mobility Animations: A full set of game-ready, 3D character animations.


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  • 2016

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:12/09/2015
File Size: 274 MB


Application tutorial?

Submitted by: John LaBrie John LaBrie
Hi, thanks for this product, looking forward to using it on my characters. I just purchased, but noticed that the supplied PDF only contains a list of animations but not how to apply them to my models. Is there a tutorial or instruction, and what are the requirements regarding the rig? Do these animations work on anything rigged with the HumanIK, or are there special requirements?
I want to use this on characters I want to export to Unity and use in games. I haven't rigged them yet, I want to make sure I rig them correctly so I can apply these animations easily. Thanks for your help.

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