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Pamela Maya (2013) Rig 0.0.1 for Maya

Pamela rig build with Maya advancement in facial blend shapes and new advance GUI


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  • 2013

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:07/16/2013
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PamelaRig with advance facial for maya 2013


This version was saved using Maya 2013, but it can be opened on any version of Maya above 8 by turning on the "Ignore Version" check box in the open option box. The file should run smoothly in both MacOSX and Windows.

Just open the file and start animating.

1. IK/FK arm controls
2. IK/FK leg controls
3. Stretchy Spine
4. FK finger controls
5. Full facial UI controls
6. Global scale control

The rigging was done using  abAutoRigmel scripts

Some of the features of this rig include:

  • IK/FK Switch for the Arms/Leg
  • Stretchy/Bendy Arms and Legs
  • Space switching (Pole vectors, controls, eye aim)
  • Clavicle controls with align shoulder option for IK and FK Mode .
  • Non Roll Shoulder setup with No Flip .
  • FK rig for Fingers with all individual controls for each fingur.
  • Scalable RIG

Rig Control Demo

Sample Animation -Rig Test


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