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Philippe 3D Rig 1.0.0 for Maya

Philippe is a fresh personality for basic character animation


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Philippe Rig
If you are looking for a simple and fresh personality for your animations then Phillipe is your guy. He was designed to be a rope walker but over time he has decided to change his career as the jobs was too risky :P
Note: This is a startup rig made for basic animations and includes basic face controls. Might not be suitable for advance animations or dialogue animations.
Rig Details
     * Spline based spine with squash and stretch capabilities along with twist and smooth bend functionality.
     * FK along with IK style of controls.
Legs and Foot:
     * Stretch capabilities 
     * IK/FK options
     * No Flip leg setup
     * Bendy leg functionality
     * Ability to curve legs
     * Advanced foot roll
     * Individual finger controls along with spread and capping functionality.
Arms and Fingers:
      * Stretch capabilities
      * Bendy arm setup
      * IK/FK options
      * Individual finger controls
      * Abilities to spread, cup and cluster.
     * Basic controls to animate face expressions, eyes, jaw, head, teeth, tongue, and teeth
Other features: 
     * Hat controls
     * Head, neck orientation controls
     * automatic breathing setup 
Happy animating :)

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