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The FleX Rig 2.1.0 for Maya

Please download textures from DropBox link included in the text document in "FleX Rig 2.0" folder!


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  • 2015, 2014

Operating Systems

  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:12/15/2014
File Size: 29.9 MB

Version History



Version 2.1 FEATURES:


- Dynamic Hair! The FleX Rig 2.1 now uses Maya’s nHair system for both male and female characters. Users still have the option of using the poly hair from before.

- Improved nCloth functionality

- Improved Light Rig for quick, easy rendering

- Scalable hands and feet controls

- Several other minor rig improvements and modifications 



Version 2.0 FEATURES:


- All features from Version 1.0, PLUS:


The FleXpression Editor:

- Micro facial expression editor [comes with SEVERAL controls to create more detailed, natural facial expressions]

- Mouth shaper control [which makes it MUCH quicker and easier to animate lip sync]

- other minor adjustments


The Rig:

- Wardrobe Control [OVER A HUNDRED MIX-AND-MATCH CLOTHING COMBINATIONS! Fully wrapped/skinned to the rig with customizable textures on most pieces of clothing, adding up to hundreds of colour and texture combinations!]

- Cloth Simulation Control [dynamic nCloth system which includes clothing items from the wardrobe control, ready to simulate with the FleX rig]

- Jiggle Control [for the breasts and buttocks areas]

- Customizable character textures [you can change the texture on the characters body from nude to underwear to basic clothing]

- Customizable hairstyles for both characters [each hairstyle's colour can also be adjusted]

- Customizable eye colours

- High resolution textures

- Light setup for quick and easy rendering

- Several other minor rig improvements and modifications


Version 1.0 FEATURES:


- Access to the FleXpression Editor [the FleX rig's unique, ABX-Picker-Styled facial control setup

- Character gender switch control from male to female [with automated texture change function]

- IK/FK limbs

- Dynamic stretch and squash in limbs, torso, neck and head

- Bendable limbs, spine and neck

- Dynamic parents for head, hands, clavicles, hips and feet

- Fully poseable fingers and toes

- Bold, bright, easy-to-select controls



If you think that's a lot, then wait till you see FleX 3.0! I'm not gonna say much, but I can tell you that it will be the FINAL version of the FleX rig and will be completely customizable and awesome!


Stay tuned guys :D