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Solar System 4.8.2 for Maya

A properly scale model of this solar system, includes orbits, rotations, more


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  • 2014

Operating Systems

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Last Modified:10/28/2014
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The complete solar system that you live in. It has nine planets (Pluto is included), Earths moon and the Sun.

All planet sizes/ distance from the sun are to scale. Each planets rotation period and orbital period are accurate as well. Planets also have realistic tilted axis'.

Controllers/ Animation: 
All of the inner planets have sliders for easy manipulation of their orbit/rotation. There is a master control around the sun for the entire solar system which rotates all nine planets accurately compared to one another.For easy identification, all planets have giant nurbs curves spelling their names as well as an arrow pointing to their exact location. The easiest view is from the top orthopedic view where everything is visible.

All planets and the moon have a compilation of actual pictures as their textures for an accurate look. They also all have fairly accurate bump maps where applicable, earth also has a cloud map that can be removed/ animated. Earth also has human lights to it that can only be seen in the dark.

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