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Average Vertex Skin Weight Brush 3.1.0 for Maya (maya plugin)

A custom brush for smoothing skin weight.

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  • 2016, 2014, 2012

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:04/05/2023
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Version History

- Added C++ version for Maya2016 x64 (windows only)
- minor tweak on python code
Updates on Python version of the plugin.

- distance calculation removed(found it not stable)

will make time to compile for 2015, 2016 soon! 

Updates on Python version of the plugin.

- Supports undo/redo. 
- Supports maintain max influence set on the skinCluster node. 
- Optimized (I did try, really.) 
- Big changes in calculation.    
  Averaging weights will take distance between its surroundings into account.


Finally made time to compile for Maya2014 x64 during Songkran long holiday here in Thailand.
Cheers, guys! :)


I just realised I made a huge mistake on the C++ version of the brush when I try to pass the brush to a co-worker to use
and the brush do not work on any machine except mine.
I happened to be a problem with C++ library which I didn't include when I compile the plugin.

Sorry guys, I'm new to this.

ps. Will find time to compile the C++ version for Maya 2014 as requested in the near future.


I decided to release the C++ version of the brush which performs much faster than the Python version out to the public.
The only down side is that it can only be used with Maya2012 x64.

Will compile for 2014 as soon as I got the time.

Again, this plugin is not entirely my idea. Big thanks to Tom Ferstl who wrote the original ''.

Enjoy painting weights!


Sorry for the long time not checking for requests.
I fix the bug with the brush when using it with newer version of Maya.
Seems like they removed MStatus class from the Maya Python API, so I removed 1 line and no more errors.

Thanks for letting me know, guys.