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Bidirectional Constrain 0.1 for Maya (maya plugin)

In Maya, if two nodes are constrained...

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Last Modified:02/26/2004
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In Maya, if two nodes are constrained mutually, cycling occurs and its result is unpredictable. Suppose that an animator wants to pull the left arm and the upper body follows. But what if he/she wants to do the same thing with the right arm? Because Maya's constraints and IK handles are just one directional, there's no way to avoid cycling problems.
Maya's structure doesn't allow mutual constraints and it is one of Maya's most critical defects. I solved this problem by using some tricks( I would say it's a half-constrain.) without violating the original structure.
This can be used in many ways such as simulations, character rigging and pose based animations.
Select any two nodes and type "biConstrain" to connect them with a new biConstrain node. You can turn connection on and off to change the distance between them.
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Do Hyun Jee

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