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BVH File Import Export for Maya 1.1.6 for Maya (maya plugin)

Added Support for MAYA2012, MAYA2011, MAYA2010, MAYA2009 and MAYA2008.

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  • 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:09/16/2009
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v 1.1.1 have a critical error when importing a BVH file to a selected joint.
Please download the latest version if you use it.

When you use Maya 2008 64bit(no extension version), you got error to load this plugin.
Please download again.
It had solved the error to load plugin with Maya 2008 64bit and Extension2.

This plug-in is for importing and exporting BVH file.
This plug-in supports MAYA2012,MAYA2011,MAYA2010,MAYA2009, MAYA2008, MAYA8.5 and MAYA7.0 Windows.


Before applying BVH data to a skeleton, you should select the root joint of it first.
It should have the same skelton structure.


Copy bvhImportExport.mll to your maya plug-ins directory.
Copy bvhImportOpts.mel, bvhExportOpts.mel ( and bvhImportExportOpts.res.mel ) to your maya scripts directory.

e.g. C:/Documents and Settings/"USER"/My Documents/maya2012/plug-ins
  C:/Documents and Settings/"USER"/My Documents/maya2012/scripts
Start Maya and load plug-in.


  Main menu 'File -> Import... option'
  Select FileType to "BVHimport".
  Push Import button and Select a bvh file.

  Select a ROOT joint.
  Main menu 'File -> Export All... option or Export Selection... option'
  Select FileType to "BVHexport".
  Push Export button and Save a bvh file.


v1.1.6 24st Apr 2011
 Added support for MAYA2012
v1.1.6 31st July 2010
Added Support for MAYA2011.
v1.1.6 26th Sept 2009
Added Support for x64.
v1.1.6 15th Sept 2009
Added Support for MAYA2010.
Fixed Root position.
v1.1.5 27th July 2009
Added Support for MAYA2009 and MAYA2008.
v1.1.4 25th June 2009
 Added support for MAYA 7.0
 Fixed - incorrect actions when export with All.
v1.1.3 24th June 2009
 Fixed - incorrect actions when import and export with frame range.
v1.1.2 23th June 2009
 Fixed - Error applying BVH data to a skeleton.
v1.1.1 22th June 2009
 AnimationCurves are not bounded when you import.
v1.0 21th June 2009

Tadayuki Kashima

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