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Cas auto uv mapper 1.1.3 for Maya (maya plugin)

Auto UV mapper , unwrapper , save time

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  • 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 8.x

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:01/20/2011
File Size: 3.07 MB

Cas auto uv mapper

version 1.13

Please note that this version of the tool only works with the following Maya versions:

8.5 Sp1

2008 , 2008 extension1 , 2008 extension2

2008 x64, 2008 extension1 x64, 2008 extension2 x64,

2009 , 2009 service pack 1 , 2009 service pack 1a

2009 x64, 2009 service pack 1 x64, 2009 service pack 1a x64


2011 . 2011 x64 , 2011 hotfix 3 , 2011x64 hotfix 3

Update 1.13

  • Updated for Maya 2011 hotfix 3 , 2011x64 hotfix 3
  • Fixed minot bugs

If you want extra UV snapshot functions to work properly, remember to go to my site and then download + install extra pywin32 package. I have made an easy installer for everyone so they don't get lost how to do it.

for more information and tutorial videos!

This tool uses some external python win32com extension so you will need to download some more files in order for this tool to work 100%

Lets just face it. We all hate doing uv mapping. I mean no matter how hard working person you are, I think we can all generally agree that uv mapping is just a pain in a butt. It is something that you would rather avoid if possible. But then this horrible, time consuming job comes to us time to time, making us to take a deep breath and put your head phone on. And we all just get on with it, sometimes for days.

Therefore I am not going to give some technical reasons for why I started working on this tool. It is simple. I dont like doing uv mapping and I wanted it to go away as fast as possible.

Started by looking at some of the other commercial and non commercial uv mapping tools, I found that some method indeed does work better than the others. My method is rather a collection of what I have experienced and some clever buttons that auto executes series of commands that I would run as if I am doing them manually.

I do not intend to say I have invented them. But what you will see here is just a tool to help you in your work flow. All the core functions of the doing unwrapping and mapping is natively built in the Maya or some of them are even external.

If you have used Roadkill before, you wont have too much problem understanding the work flow of this tool. The work flow is very similar to the Roadkill and some other commercial uv mapper. But I tried to integrate everything inside Maya so that you won’t have to export anything yourself. I have tried to make it so that all your usual Maya tools just work as normal.


How to run this script :

Exit Maya, install tool , Run Maya. Mel command is Cas_APU;


Any problems or issues , suggestions welcome. Contact me if you are stuck :D

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