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Find Vertex on a mesh 1.0.0 for Maya (maya plugin)

Speed and optimized tool for finding closest vertex on a mesh.

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Last Modified:12/29/2015
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This is an util lets you to find a closest vertex on a mesh in a fast and optimized way. It can be used in your scripts instead of standard Maya closestPoint or something else (speed increases up to 5-10 times and more!)

In archive you can find sources for a Visual Studio project and files required for CMake. Using this data you can make a build for every Maya version you want. Also I've attached a compiled version of the plugin for Maya 2013 x64.
Format of the command:
findVertex -mesh mesh -point point [-axis axis -center center -cache cache]

Command finds a closest vertex (not a point!) on a mesh.

-mesh (-m)  a mesh you find a closest vertex on (geometry name)
-point (-p) input point (3 floats)
-axis (-a) mirror axis. Can be "x", "y" or "z" (1 character)
-center (-c) center of mirror (3 floats)
-cache (-ca) use cache or not (true of false). It should be true if mesh is not being deformed during your script evaluation.

findVertex -mesh geo -point 1 2 3 -cache true;
findVertex -mesh geo -point 1 2 3 -axis "x" -cache true; // find a mirror vertex on a mesh

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