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May9 Next, an alternative user experience 10.4.3 for Maya (maya plugin)

May9 Next, an Autodesk Maya workflow plug-in

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  • 2022

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:04/05/2022
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Version History

Next.4.3 (2022/04/05)
- Add support to Maya 2023
- Add support to new Boolean Operations (only Maya 2023)
- Add support to Blue Pencil tool (only Maya 2023)
- Add Alpha component support as preference (only Maya 2023)
- Add support to new Retopology tools (only Maya 2023)
- Add new Plane Cutter script (only Maya 2023)
- Add Point Locator script
- Add support to Matrix nodes
- Improve Matrix manipulation support
- Improve Arnold support
- Improve render workflow
- Improve MM release command
- Fix Interactive Creation
- Minor fixes and improvements
- Drop compatibility to Maya 2020 and below

Next.3.7 (2021/08/05)
- Add support to 2022.1
- Add support to ViewCube (only Maya 2022.1)
- Add support to Search (only Maya 2022.1)
- Add support to Steady Stroke
- Add Copy and Paste Skin Weight script
- Add Delete Constraint script
- Add Toggle Transform Shape script
- Add Symmetry Constraint to All_MM
- Improve Sweep Mesh support (only Maya 2022.1)
- Improve Symmetry Constraint script
- Improve Per Face Mapping script
- Improve Mirror Duplicate scripts
- Assign Toggle Shape Transform script to CTRL + ALT +SHIFT + Q
- Assign Frame Only Selected script to CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + F
- Assign Search function to F1
- Assign Maya Help to Shift + F1
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.3.3 (2021/04/05)
- Add support to Maya 2022
- Add support to Ghosting Editor (only Maya 2022)
- Add support to Component Tags (only Maya 2022)
- Add support to Sweep Mesh (only Maya 2022)
- Add support to Solidify deformer (only Maya 2022)
- Add support to Morph deformer (only Maya 2022)
- Add support to Game Vertex Count (only Maya 2022)
- Add Edit Extrude Components script
- Add Select Inverse Hierarchy script
- Add Follicle to Curve Intersection script
- Add Create Null Group script
- Add Toggle Title Bar script
- Add Renderable option script
- Add CTRL Mesh script
- Add CTRL name contextual MM
- Add Remove and Add CTRL Prefix scripts
- Improve CTRL support
- Improve Shell deformer script
- Improve main menu
- Improve Auto FK script, now controllers scale accord to Joints radius
- Assign CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + N to Toggle Title Bar script
- Fix an issue on Select Hierarchy command
- Fix Create Null Group hotkey
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.3.2 (2021/03/05)
- Add Bifrost Graph loading option under May9 Next menu
- Add Connect Attribute Manager script
- Add Visibility Override script
- Improve Auto FK script, now the Controls are aligned to the Joints
- Set HotBox to transparency 0
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.3.1 (2021/02/05)
- Add Create Buffer Group script
- Add Arnold Subdivision Scrips
- Add support to Soft Edge visualize
- Assign CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + G to Create Buffer Group. Save selection into a Set is now assign to CTRL + ALT + G
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.3.0 (2021/01/05)
- Add Auto FK Controls script
- Add IK Control script
- Add Edit Bevel Components script
- Add Batch Separate script
- Add Swap Motion Path Curve script
- Add Python 3 support
- Add support to Chamfer Vertex
- Add support to Poke face
- Add support to Snap time to selection
- Add support to official USD Maya plug-in
- Add Live Smooth script for QuadDraw Tool
- Add support to Rain Curves from Edges by Jefri Haryono, licensed under MIT license
- Improve rigging support
- Improve Outliner support
- Improve Smooth Proxy support
- Improve Smooth Mesh support
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.2.5 (2020/07/05)
- Add Mirror Constraint script
- Add Paintable Cluster script
- Add Symmery Constraint script
- Add Super Duplicate script
- Add Recursive Parent script
- Add automatic IK scripts
- Add Reset Constraint Offset script
- Add Locator Distance script
- Add Reverse Translate script
- Add support to Append to Polygon tool
- Add support for IK Sprint and IK 2 Bone solver
- Add toggle aiSkydome visibility script
- Assign Super Duplicate script to CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + D
- Improved Auto Bevel script, now preserve and bevel existing hard edges
- Improve Rigged Cluster Script
- Improve Hypershade Layout
- Improve support to PaintFX
- Improve UV support
- Move Match Pivot to CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + INS
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.2.4 (2020/01/05)
- Add support to Maya 2020
- Add support to Cached Playback Dynamics (Only on Maya 2020)
- Add support to Auto Snap Keys (Only on Maya 2020)
- Add support to Polygon Remesh and Retopologize (Only on Maya 2020)
- Add support to parentOffsetMatrix (Only on Maya 2020)
- Add support to Rivet (Only on Maya 2020)
- Add support to Proximity Wrap Deformer (Only on Maya 2020)
- Add Kill Maya script
- Assign Kill Maya to CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + X
- Resigned new Maya 2020 hotkeys if needed, please refer to manual
- Removed support to Polygon Remesh and Retopologize in Maya version prior to 2020
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.2.3 (2019/12/05)
- Add Air Rivet script
- Add support to bifrostGeoToMaya node
- Add support to Bif node
- Add support to mesh visibility for pfxHair
- Add aiOptions quality presets
- Add support to Scale Constraint
- Add support to Vertex Color
- Assign Bifrost Graph Editor to ALT + K
- Improve Bifrost Liquid support
- Improve BOSS support
- Improve MASH support
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.2.2 (2019/08/05)
- Add support to Maya 2019.2
- Add Delta Wrap script
- Add support to UV Legacy Unfold
- Add support to Substance 2.0
- Improve 2D textures support
- Improve nParticles support
- Improve Field to Curve script
- Fix Particle Trails support
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.2.1 (2019/07/05)
- Add Advance Smooth Proxy script
- Add support to Bake Pivot
- Add support to Fluid Emitter
- Add support to Transfer Maps
- Add dynamics properties to da_MetaBalls
- Improve support to Fluids
- Improve UV mapping scripts
- Improve support to upcoming Bifrost Graph
- Improve particle support
- Improve Fields support
- Optimize scriptJob numbers
- Now Undo will be enabling and cleaned when a scene is creating or open
- Now May9 Next menu is refreshed when a scene is creating or open
- Now Disable restore saved layout from file option is off by default
- Fix errors on following scripts: da_nParticleKill, da_PlaneCutter, da_CobineCurves
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.2.0 (2019/06/05)
- Add support to Maya 2019.1
- Add support to upcoming Bifrost Graph
- Add support to Cached Smooth Meshes (Only on Maya 2019.1)
- Add support to new Light Editor (Only on Maya 2019.1)
- Add support to Hardware Fog
- Add Duplicate Window for Node Editor and Hyper Graph
- Add Duplicate Attribute Editor tab script and assign to SHIFT + RETURN
- Improve Maya Window MM
- Improve Camera support
- Improve Attach to Motion Path support
- Improve Match Normal and Match UV scripts
- Improve Mono Shell and Auto Unfold scripts
- Improve support to polygons Combine and Separate
- Improve Character Set support
- Now joint labelling work only on Maya 2019 due to incompatibility with previous versions
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.1.5 (2019/05/15)
- Add Noise and Sine on Selected Channels scripts
- Add DOF Control script
- Add Toggle Stepped Global Key Tangent script
- Add Motion Trail to Curve script
- Add Anti-Alias as preference
- Improve Graph Editor support
- Improve install and uninstall procedure
- Improve All_MM
- Improve Main Menu
- Now Render Sequence render all renderable cameras
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.1.3 (2019/05/05)
- Add support to Joint labels
- Add Expose Joint Orient script
- Improved contextual MMs on rigged objects
- Improve IK Handles support
- Improve Handle support
- Improve Curves support
- Fix name clash errors by query object full path (Thanks to Carlos Rico Adega)
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.1.2 (2019/04/25)
- Add support to Curve Edit Points
- Add support to Surface Point
- Add support to Volume Axis Field
- Add Rigged Sculpt deformer script
- Add String to Expression script
- Add Locator on Curve script
- Add Locator on Surface script
- Add Volume Field to Curve script
- Add Rigged Cluster script
- Add Rivet to CVs script
- Improve support to Expression
- Improve Locator support
- Improve References support
- Improve nHair support
- Fix Smooth UV script
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.1.1 (2019/04/10)
- Add Select Object from animation curve script
- Add Select Layer Objects
- Assign Select Layer Objects to CTRL + SHIFT + L
- Improve UV editor no click command
- Improve contextual MMs when MtoA is not loaded
- Fix MMs error if MtoA is not loaded (Thanks to Carlos Rico Adega)
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.1.0 (2019/04/05)
- All_MM is now a polymorphic Marking Menu
- Add support to Arnold MtoA 3.2
- Add support to Quick Rig
- Add Toggle Pivot Visibility script
- Add support to 2D Placement node
- Assign Edit Last Operation to CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + L
- Improve May9 core engine
- Improve Bifrost render support
- Improve UV support
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.0.7 (2019/03/22)
- Add ellipsis if a command opens an options window
- Add Selection Size script
- Add support to Edit Membership Tool
- Improve All Marking Menu and Main menu
- Improve deformers support
- Improve MMs consistency
- Improve support to Interactive Playback
- Improve Maya Software support
- Improve and Fix Portal Light support
- Fix Dynamic Field support
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.0.6 (2019/03/10)
- Add Kill Volume for nParticles
- Assign Mouse Over MM to CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + MMB, to avoid transform component hotkey overwrite
- Improve installation and un-installation process
- Improve support to Bifrost
- Improve support to Nucleus
- Improve cache support
- Improve UV support
- Fix critical error that prevent loading of the plug-in after an update on Maya 2018
- Fix long initialization and installation time on Maya 2018
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.0.5 (2019/03/05)
- Add support to Asset
- Add support to Character Set
- Add Mouse Over MM script
- Add Bind Rigid Skin script
- Add toggle Undo Queue to May9 main menu
- Assign Mouse Over MM to CTRL + MMB
- Improve Node Editor support
- Improve Hypergraph support
- Improve Walk tool support
- Improve Grease Pencil tool support
- Improve Tool Settings support
- Improve Skin Paint support
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.0.4 (2019/02/15)
- Add support to Walk tool
- Add vertex selection toggle script, under Paint Skin MM
- Assign toggle Isolate selected to CTRL + ALT + I
- Improve Skin Paint support
- Improve Skin Cluster support
- Improve modelling support
- Improve Manipulator orient script
- Revert back to legacy Light Editor
- Fix Crease tool MM
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.0.3 (2019/02/05)
- Add Delta Skin script
- Add Auto Unfold script
- Add UV Mono Shell script
- Improved Mesh light support
- Improved May9 update procedure
- Improved Rigid skin bind support
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.0.2 (2019/01/27)
- Add Cache playback and Parallel evaluation support directly in All_MM
- Add Edge slide support on Vertex MM
- Add Surface slide support on Edge MM and Face MM
- Add custom Soft selection and Symmetry to supported MMs
- Improve UV support
- Improve installation consistency
- Improve Connect tool support
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.0.1 (2019/01/20)
- Improve Cache playback support
- Improve curve support
- Improve Clean Topology script
- Improve XGen support
- Fix MMs check boxes errors
- Minor fixes and improvements

Next.0.0 (2019/01/05)
- Add support to Maya 2019
- Add support to Graph editor curve filters (only on Maya 2019)
- Add support to Reset UV Editor tools preferences (only on Maya 2019)
- Add support to Poly Retopo (only on Maya 2018 and 2019)
- Add support to IK Handles tools
- Add Mirror Transform script to All_MM
- Add High Quality Smooth script
- Add support to Target Weld Tool
- Add support to Connect Tool
- Add support to Bounding Box
- May9 Next Hotkey Sets are added over standard ones without overwrite the user ones
- Contextual Marking menus are now loaded as command
- Improved MMtoKey support, now is integrate into May9 Next plug-in and have a better release command
- Improved installer usability and stability
- Improved May9 main menu
- Improved Hotkey scheme
- Improved nCloth as Deformer script, now is more accurate
- Improved Plane Cutter dual plane mode
- Improved mesh and crease support
- Improved curves and NURBS support
- Improved light support
- Improved particles support
- Improved design of some Marking Menu
- Improved custom icons size
- Now Radio Button is used instead of Check Box when needed
- Now Hotbox transparency do not change anymore after May9 Next installation
- Now Input Status Field do not change anymore after May9 Next installation
- Remove support to third party plug-ins
- Remove support to legacy Particles
- Minor fixes and improvements