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melt deformer for maya 1.2.0 for Maya (maya plugin)

melt deformer

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  • 8.x, 7.x

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Last Modified:07/15/2007
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melt deformer for maya 1.2.0


it is a deformer, that works with maya's deform structure. It deforms the object as if it is melting. I get the idea years ago while playing with Messiah for lightwave. Works with maya 7.0, 8.0 and 8.5, again I put the source code to the archive file...

Release Notes
v1.2.0 - 09.07.2007 ( Updated! )

  • the first public version
  • added rampAttribute to control the profile of the melting effect
  • added nurbsSurface support ( works very slow and wrong! )
  • added autoLoading of melt.mll

Installation ( Updated! )

  • put the AEmeltTemplate.mel to the AETemplates directory ( C:/program files/alias(or)autodesk/mayax.x/scripts/AETemplates )
  • put the icon (meltDeformer.xpm) to ( C:/program files/alias(or)autodesk/mayax.x/icons )
  • put the plugin file ( melt.mll) to mayas plugin folder ( ex: c:/program files/alias(or)autodesk/mayax.x/bin/plugins )
  • put the script under my documentsmayascripts directory
  • open maya
  • write installMeltDeformer to commandLine and run it

Usage ( Updated! )

  • select an object (polygon or nurbs - preferably polygon, works better)
  • hit the createMeltDeformer icon on the shelf
  • the script/plugin will automatically create the neccessery connections
  • the surface will be deformed when it gets closer to the null object ( meltHandle )
  • use radius, spread , displacmentRamp attributes and ajust the shape of the melting effect
  • painting deformer weights will perfectly work with the melt deformer, you could get very interesting results with weight painting, use paint attributes tool to paint the weights

Known Issues

  • Using the deformer on nurbsSurfaces will work very slow and the result will be differ than the polygon version

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