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Multiple Camera Render script 2.0.1 for Maya (maya plugin)

Creates cameras for multiple camera rendering

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  • 2011

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Last Modified:02/18/2011
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maya, mel

Newest version allows using numbers in the camera name,  renaming and uses already existing cameras.

Put PS_MultipleCamera.mel in mayas script folder and run the command PS_MultipleCamera. Make sure that there are no cameras in the scene, apart from Maya default ones (persp, side, top and front). The main window appears. Select what type of camera you want to create. Type in a name, press create button. The camera and the attributes appears on the button of the window. Create a few more cameras and set start and end frame, for each one.
The script puts the cameras into individual render layers and uses layer overrides to set the different start and end frames. when batch rendered Maya puts the new rendered images into folders named after the render layer.
It doesn't work when you add geometry after creating the camera in the scene, so it's best if used at the end when everythings finished. Otherwise you'd need to add the new geometry to the camera render layers manually.

Have fun! 

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