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MultiwayConstraint Maya 2013 x64 Windows Seven 1.0.2 for Maya (maya plugin)

Bidirectional Translation

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Creators: Andrea Maiolo and Tim Naylor
Adapted by Isaac Peral

Traditionally, character riggers have offered two solutions when developing
rigs that connect a character to a prop. Either the prop drives a part of the
character (say a sword will drive the character’s hand and arm) or the opposite
(the arm will drive the sword). What rig configuration gets used is usually
determined by a number of factors – the animator’s workflow preference, what
the shot demands as far as type and range of motion and how the rig is
accessed by the animator. In certain situations the rig to connect the prop to
the character is done by hand only when needed while other pipelines might
call for a more sophisticated approach, giving the animator an automated
setup tool that will build the rig on the fly and provide the option of what nodes
are drivers and what nodes are going to be driven.

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