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.obj Sequence Loader 1.5.5 for Maya (maya plugin)

loads .obj sequences on runtime into your scene,

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  • 2010, 9.x, 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:02/09/2010
File Size: 3.05 MB
#January 2010
fixed Bug in Maya2010 64Bit Version

#January 2010
Added Maya 2010 32 bit&64 bit

#June 2009
Added Maya 2009 x64

#April 2008
Bugfix: crash on loading empty files

#February 2008
Bugfix: unsync OBJ Import on framerate != pal ...FIXED

#January 2008
added the plugin for Maya Version 2008
import of UVs from .obj file

#January 2007
#added the plugin for maya version 8.5

This node loads .obj file sequences into a Maya scene according to the actual frame.
So your able to import sequences of exported simulation data into your Maya scene without
importing them all at once, just the necessary file according to the actual frame is loaded.
For a fast replay there is also a caching function available.

... a sample .obj Sequence could be downloaded from here

Installation Instruction:

  • copy the provided .mll files according to your Maya Version

    shs_OBJSeqImporter_M7.mll --> Maya 7.0

    shs_OBJSeqImporter_M8.mll --> Maya 8.0
shs_OBJSeqImporter_M85.mll --> Maya 8.5

shs_OBJSeqImporter_M2008.mll --> Maya 2008

shs_OBJSeqImporter_M2009.mll --> Maya 2009

shs_OBJSeqImporter_M2010_x86.mll --> Maya 2010-32 bit

shs_OBJSeqImporter_M2009_x64.mll --> Maya 2009-x64

into the plugin directory of your Maya Installation(c:\Program Files\Alias\Maya7.0\bin'plug-ins).
  • copy the provided .mel files in your scripts folder
  • load the plugin

Usage Instructions:

  • Create .obj Sequence Node

- use the "shs-tools"->".obj Sequence"->"Add Sequence" to add a obj sequence importer to your scene

- in the appearing window you could select one file of the .obj sequence you want to be imported into your scene

- there you could define the .obj Sequence In and Out time and the frame the sequence import should start.

- enable or disable node internal caching of the loaded .obj sequences

- decide if merging of neighboring vertices is necessary and adjust the threshold

  • Usage of the .obj Sequence Node

- most of the options you were able to adjust during creation are also available on the AttributeEditor when you select the node ;-)

  • mark Sequence for clear cache

- select sequence node

- use "shs-tools"->".obj Sequence"->"mark Sequence" to mark the selected sequence node

- use "shs-tools"->".obj Sequence"->"clear marked Sequence cache" to delete the cache of the marked sequence node

Bugs&Features :

  • sequence detection works only with the first number occurrence in the scene name


- after the creation of the .obj Sequence Node with the Creation Box, enter the full path and filename manually in the Attribute editor

- replace the frame number in the filename with a character like "#"

- please enter this Character into the "Padding Char" attribute in the AE

- please also enter the number of leading zeros if it applicable into the "Padding Size" Attribute and enable "leading zeros"

- you may have to adjust the the Sequence In and Out Attributes

  • node internal cache is not saved with the Maya file
  • merging of neighbouring vertices is done via a maya node not node internal
please contact me if you discover any problems or bugs.

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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