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OCEANSPLASH 1.1.3 for Maya (maya plugin)

OceanSplash is a plug-in for Maya(3D Application). This plug-in creates awesome splashes for your animated objects with in seconds, which otherwise would require even for an expert to spend days in order to create one

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  • 2012, 2011, 2010

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:04/30/2012
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Operating Platform: Windows


1) Interactive "Create" and "Edit" Interfaces

2) Splashes are generated when an object interacts with a Maya Ocean/Pond

3) Curves can be made to emit particles that float on the ocean or a pond surface

4) You can switch on/off the simulation of an *oSp-object at any time

5) You can create splashes using either ordinary particles or nParticles.

6) Simulation settings for an *oSp-object can be saved as presets 

7) Export selected or All *oSp-objects from the current scene .  

8) You can choose to Import only *oSp-object/s to an Ocean/Pond of the current scene, or to import along with ocean/pond from import file as is.

9) You can import an *oSp-object multiple times to the same ocean/pond and they all will work independently.

 *oSp-object is an object that is assigned to oceansplash

OceanSplash is a plug-in for Maya(3D application, widely used in animation companies). The plug-in uses Maya’s resident resources to build an *oSpEngine for the selected object that then takes charge of generating splashy, floating particles at every encounter it has with the Maya ocean or pond. Two types of particles are generated to depict a splash, one at every contact and forms a trail for moving objects and the other at a hard contact that behaves like foam and stays for a shorter time on ocean or pond surface. The intensity of a splash and the amount of foam particles  generated for an object depends on the intensity of the impact. This plug-in is nParticle compatible and allows you to choose between ordinary particles and nParticles before building an oSpEngine.
Using this plug-in you can create splashes for a lot of actions like:

1) A fish jumping off and falling back into an ocean (See Video)

2) Ships or submarine at ocean surface

3) Sea shore effect where particles are generated at ocean and shore contact

4) Plane crashing into sea

5) And the list goes on.. 

You can assign as many objects as you like in a scene to oceanSplash.

OceanSplash is a very sophisticated software. It picks only those objects from a selection that it needs when creating, editing, exporting and importing oSp-objects. Thus working with it is very easy.

*oSpEngine is built by oceansplash plug-in for all the objects that are assigned to it. oSpEngines are responsible for detecting ocean/pond contact and for generating particles in a way that look and behave like a splash. oSpEngines also allows itself to be wired directly to the Edit interface for editing




Q1: oceanSplash is for Nurbs alone or by any chance, it could work on Polygons as well?

Ans: oceanSplash is not for Nurbs object alone, it takes a single Nurbs surface as input, to build an oSpEngine. oceanSplash needs to know the 3D boundary of your high detailed model(poly, subdiv or Nurbs). You need not model using Nurbs but you just have to create a shell for your model to define the 3D boundary or volume of your model using any of the basic single nurbs surface(Nurbs Primitives) that suits the shape of your model best. i.e. if your model is cylindrical, you could create a nurbs cylinder without caps, align it to your model and tweak its CVs to move them closer to the surface of your model. The shark animation that you see in the DemoReel of this page is a poly model but it has a hidden Nurbs cylindrical shell on it, and it is this shell that is assigned to oceanSplash and is interacting with the ocean.

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