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polyShrinkWrap 1.0.0 for Maya (maya plugin)

Vertex Shrink Wrap Modeling Tool

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Last Modified:12/15/2007
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This is a modeling tool for Maya. Select some vertices, shift select a target mesh(s) and run the MEL command 'polyShrinkWrap'. The selected vertices will be projected along their normals until they collide with the target mesh(s).

polyShrinkWrap was designed to help with resurfacing a complex polygon mesh. For this reason, it was designed as a MEL command (not a deformer) so you can project only the selected vertices while you are modeling. I've found a nice workflow for resurfacing where I use the 'live' feature and the Create Polygon Tool to draw square patches on the surface. Then I go in and split these patches with the Insert Edge Loop Tool. Once it's split enough, I project the new vertices back onto the target surface.

You can create a really nice evenly distributed mesh by shrink wrapping, then relaxing (with the Sculpt Polygon Tool) then shrink wrap once again. Project, relax, project, relax etc.. until the mesh is evenly stretched over your surface. Then move on to the next patch :)

Download includes source code, docs, and binary for win32 Maya 2008. If you compile for another platform, please email the binary to me so I can include it in the download package.

Thanks for checking it out and feel free to leave feedback

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