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QuickPillar 1.0.0 for Maya (maya plugin)

Create the pillar you want in no time. This Python plug-in is a big timesaver.

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  • 2016, 2015

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  • Windows


Last Modified:01/10/2018
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Create the pillar you want in no time.
All you have to know are the dimensions of the pillar you want to create, type in those numbers and press a button.  You can choose between 3 types of pillars with 3 levels of detail. A modern type pillar with a cylindrical shape, a modern type pillar with a rectangular or square shape and a pillar of the classical Ionic order. The level of detail for each of the pillars can be chosen via a button press. You can choose between a low-, medium- and high-resolution.  
You get the pillar you want, without having to model yourself.  This Python plug-in is a big timesaver.


Installation and Run QuickPillar script:

1) Place the python file ‘’ in the scripts folder:C: \Users\'USER_NAME'\Documents\maya\'MAYA_VERSION'\scripts

2) Place the icon files ‘QuickPillarIcon.png’ and ‘QuickPillar Shelf Icon.png’ in the icon folder:C: \Users\'USER_NAME'\Documents\maya\'MAYA_VERSION'\prefs\icons

3) In Maya load the script in the Script Editor:File -> Load ScriptBrowse to the scripts folder and select the file ‘’

Add to shelf:
4)In Maya drag and drop the script from the Script Editor onto the Shelf. (Ctrl+A to select the entire script, middle-mouse hold and drag-n-drop script onto the shelf)
To add the shelf icon you have to open the Shelf Editor, click on the script and next to the “Icon Name” you can browse to the icon for the QuickPillar plug-in: ‘QuickPillar Shelf Icon.png’Folder:C: \Users\'USER_NAME'\Documents\maya\'MAYA_VERSION'\prefs\icons

5)If you like you can also delete the text of the “Tooltip” and change it into ‘QuickPillar’
6)Click “Save All Shelves” and now the QuickPillar plug-in is ready for use.



Before using the plug-in, you might have to change the convert setting in Maya to get the correct mesh result.The setting to convert NURBS to Polygons, to be more specific.

Keep the checkbox next to ‘Attach multiple output meshes’ unchecked.‘Type’ has to be set to ‘Quads’‘Tessellation method’ set to ‘Count’And the ‘Count’ to 400.

With nothing selected click on ‘Apply’ to confirm the changes and you should be all set.(the error message should not be an issues and can be ignored).


Script is compatible with Maya 2015 and above in Windows.
It was not tested on earlier versions, but it may work there too. 

Please use the Bug System to report any bugs.
Please use the Feature Requests to give me ideas.
Please use the Support Forum if you have any questions or problems.
Please rate and review in the Review section.

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