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Random Grid 1.3 for Maya (maya plugin)

The Random Grid node is an enhanced version of...

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Last Modified:07/20/2001
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The Random Grid node is an enhanced version of Maya's original Grid node. Line and filler width can be adjusted separately. 3 texturable filler colors can be spread randomly across the grid. The seed value, that initializes the random function is animatable. You can texture map this attribute to animate only part of the grid. By mapping the Color Gain (i.e. with a Bulge or repeated Ramp shader) you can alter the default square grid filler shape.

You can use this node to texture map flashing lights on a control panel or create randomly lit windows of a skyline by night. You can also map nice random bump effects like cobblestones by lowering the line width and mapping eg. a 2d fractal to the uv offset attributes.

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