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shaders_p 3.3.3 for Maya (maya plugin)

shader for multipass rendering and many more

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  • 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008

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Last Modified:04/17/2013
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shaders_p - collection of shaders for mental ray.



New version of shaders_p 3.3.3 released.


Online doc you may find here:


Maya Fur + p_HairTK


p_MegaTK_pass - geometry shader for supporting p_MegaTK passes in Maya, 3DSMax and XSI (with and without mr stand alone) .

You can split out many passes for one render without rendering time overhead.


Information about p_MegaTK passes you may find here:

Tutorial and example scene here:


And many more shaders...

p_shadow_transparency shadow shader


click for larger version

Path Tracing in p_MegaTK (no fg, no gi)

click for larger version

Path Tracing in p_MegaTK (no lights, no fg, no gi no caustics)





Win32, Win64, Linux64 and macOSX versions are available.

Warning! For macOSX users p_OpenEXR_saver shader not works because some problem with correct compiling(linking) OpenEXR library. 'Single OpenEXR' option in p_MegaTK_pass geometry shader not works too for same reason. Please be careful!

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