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shaders_p 3.3.3 for Maya (maya plugin)

shader for multipass rendering and many more

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Last Modified:04/17/2013
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puppet shader tutorial?

Submitted by: adeel afzal adeel afzal
any1 has puppet shader tutorial over all briefe of it, i need them badly so that i don't get any problem using it, right, 
how to get passes with occlusion of fur
when i batch render after applying puppet hairtk pass shader i get crash of maya, also when i do render of a frame by render view maya also crashes

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    Puppet| said about 11 years ago:

    What Maya version? Any SP installed?
  • adeel afzal

    adeel afzal said about 11 years ago:

    i was working in maya 2012 i was having problem i did'nt use sp1 or 2, now i am in 2013, now the problem is it shows me passes but default render of fur of shave and haircut rendered correctly but when i use ptkhair then pspot pshadow i don't get texture correcty on my fur even though i checked my shave uvs in extra attribute, however i did passes of fur with mega pass the problem i saw were that artifacts on the right side of images some lines blue, red green etc etc, puppet man do help me
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    Puppet| said about 11 years ago:

    Sorry, it's Shave 7 new "feature". You may ask Shave author how texture Shave with custom shader. All users that try use some not default shader with Shave have same issue. Here is my question:
  • adeel afzal

    adeel afzal said about 11 years ago:

    ok thanks puppet, if i use sp1 of maya 2012 will MegatkPass work correctly? and puppet can you make video tutorial publically about setting up things you know Html version of tutorial somehow sin't cleared i am jus suggesting you if you can that would be generousness of yours.
  • Ravi Kumar

    Ravi Kumar said over 10 years ago:

    Hi, I am trying to get passes out of hair_tk shader. The approach to derive passes out of mega_tk has been pretty straight forward and easy. I couldn't find a way where I could spit out passes for hair_tk for Maya fur/ hair scenes. I searched the docs for this but couldn't find description for that as well. Also,If there is a way,then How could I write the fur tip color or fur base color as special passes. Maya2011 + shaders_p V3.3.3

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