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Sync Frame Playback Range 1.0.0 for Maya (maya plugin)

Sync Frame Range in Timeline with Graph Editor

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Last Modified:05/18/2007
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This python scripted plugin adds a new menu item check box to the Graph Editor that syncs the Frame Playback Range in Maya's main view to the current Graph Editor view.  Now you don't have to keep panning the frame range in the Graph Editor everytime you change the range for the Time Slider. 


This is my first attempt at python scripted plugins.  I was able to code with the Maya API and python mel commands at the same time and mix them together.  I could load/unload the plugin at anytime without having to recompile the plugin each time.  Super cool!


To get it to work, place the python plugin in your Maya plugin path.  Open the Plug-in Manager and make sure the python plugin is loaded.  Open the Graph Editor (or relaunch it if it's already open) and find the new menu item under View / Sync Playback Range.


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