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Last Modified:01/16/2009
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Bad magic number

Submitted byJimmy Gunawan Jimmy Gunawan
I kept getting this error message using Maya 2010. Very strange, used to work fine for 2008.

// Error: ImportError: Bad magic number in C:/Users/Jimmy/Documents/maya/scripts/NimbleTools/plug-ins/../python\ns\__init__.pyc // // Warning: Failed to call script initialize function // // Error:  (NimbleTools) // // Error: ImportError: Bad magic number in C:/Users/Jimmy/Documents/maya/scripts/NimbleTools/plug-ins/../python\ns\maya\__init__.pyc // // Warning: Failed to call script initialize function // // Error:  (NimbleTools) // 

Comments on this bug:

  • Jimmy Gunawan

    Jimmy Gunawan said over 13 years ago:

    Could it be Windows 7?
  • richandshez

    richandshez said about 13 years ago:

    I too am having the same issue with this however it's with Maya 2011. I also have Windows 7. I might re-build my PC and test it on an older version of windows I have to see if it works but yes....same error for me too.
  • _murphy_

    _murphy_ said about 12 years ago:

    same here Maya2011 windows 7 64 bit
  • JamesPiechota

    JamesPiechota said about 12 years ago:

    Hey, I'm not working in Visual Effects any more - unfortunately I won't be able to maintain the plug-in. I've opened up the source and there's a (tiny) thread with some more details here: Any "bad magic number" issues are probably due to using .pyc files that were built with a different version of Python. I'm guessing Python was updated in later versions of Maya, meaning you'll have to use the raw source files linked in the above thread. James

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