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UVAutoRatio 1.3.5 for Maya (maya plugin)

Auto unify ratio between surface and UV area

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  • 2008, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x

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  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:09/25/2008
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Latest News:
24 September 2008 - Mac OS X version updated
PPC processors now supported

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This Maya plugin automatically scales the UVs of polygon meshes to give a consistent ratio between surface area and UV area across several meshes .

Artists generally want a consistent UV to surface area ratio, otherwise one area of the model might get too much detail and another might be too blurry. This is a waste of texture space and also can be an eye-catching mistake. Another area where it is useful to have UV's in the right scale is when you want to have a common texture, mapped across many different objects (eg: lightmap, shadowmap, ambient occlusion map etc). Traditionally artists manually scale the UV's until it looks about right. This is really not a fun job, and can take some time if there are a lot of objects, so we automated the process! This automatic tool will give the artist the best possible result, and if it doesn't look 100% right, it still provides a very good base to start tweaking from.

(Note: the cylinder is the "target" mesh, the other objects adjust their UV's to have the same ratio it does)

This plugin is easy to use! The basic method is:
  1. Decide on your "target mesh", which is a mesh with the correct ratio of surface area to uv area.
  2. Select all the meshes that need their UVs scaled in proportion to their surface area.
  3. Select your "target mesh" so it is the last object in the selection.
  4. Run the command
  5. Blink
  6. Rejoice!
Or you can use the user interface which exposes all the options of the command in a compact manner:

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