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Zebruv 1.2.4 for Maya (maya plugin)

UV unwrap plugin for Maya

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  • 2016

Operating Systems

  • Windows


Last Modified:10/01/2020
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texture, maya

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  • nix21

    nix21 said over 12 years ago:

    2010 64-bit version (win 7) I can't get to work without it crashing. It starts to layout the UVs, by breaking them apart then it just crashes. Different models, different scenes. Looks like SreckoM is having the same problem. Possibly win 7 related?
  • shailesh kamble

    shailesh kamble said over 12 years ago:

    Hey Thanxxxxx Man............ U Save Ma Day............. Keep it More Up............
  • SreckoM

    SreckoM said over 12 years ago:

    And it happens it 2 machines, sad... I really like it from videos...
  • SreckoM

    SreckoM said over 12 years ago:

    Win7 Maya 2010 64 bit It crash Maya as soon as I click unwrap.
  • vincenano

    vincenano said over 12 years ago:

    Thank you for the update :D It works like charm Really Thank You
  • vincenano

    vincenano said over 12 years ago:

    It works awesome Little issue report When I try to use Scale UV Ration in MAYA 2010 64 It shows // Error: Plug-in, "", was not found on MAYA_PLUG_IN_PATH.
  • Lacour Yann

    Lacour Yann said over 12 years ago:

    Awesome, thx! but need 64bits 2009 !
  • deodatopr

    deodatopr said over 12 years ago:

    Hi ! Could you do it for maya: + 2009 x64 + 2010 x32 - x64 Thanks, :) Deo.
  • David Parnel

    David Parnel said almost 13 years ago:

    Awesome man, I may forget headus uv layout :>
  • nix21

    nix21 said over 13 years ago:

    Didn't there use to be a edge lock in an earlier version? I swear there was. If not that is a really important feature. Also 64-bit would be awesome! Great Job, Keep Going!

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