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1-Click Texture Batch Bake for Maya 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Convert as many shaders as you need at once, with no intermediate supervision

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Last Modified:02/10/2013
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BatchBake V1.0 - LM Tools

This script is intended to assist the user in the task of baking out textures for multiple shader/mesh pairs in one go.

Baking usually takes anywhere from seconds, to minutes (usually the latter for higher than 1024 res textures and complex networks) and sitting and waiting inbetween is valuable time wasted.

This script lets you add a shader, and a mesh, to a list of pairs that will get batched out at the click of a button.
Please view the screenshot of the user interface, and read the below bullet points for a detailed breakdown on every function of the script.

This script is in active development, so any bugs, feature requests, or comments please direct to me personally here, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • “Bake Set”
    • Pair of 2, A single mesh, and a shader.

  • “x resolution”
    • x resolution of the texture resolution of the bake set to be added.
  • “y resolution”
    • y resolution of the texture resolution of the bake set to be added.
  • “AntiAlias”
    • This option will quadruple the calculation time per bake set, but increase quality of the final bake texture.
    • If a scene is being baked out overnight, or other long period of time, this option is recommended, it will significantly increase time to completion.
  • “Bake set Window”
    • This is where the user can add, remove, and view added bake sets.
  • “Output directory”
    • This directory specifies the directory that the baked file textures get copied to, if the option to do so is checked.
    • This directory defaults to the currently set project’s sourceimages directory.
  • “Override Shading groups on Batch Bake?”
    • Checking this option assigns the newly created shaders to their respective geometry, of the previous, unbaked mat.
    • This is unchecked by default
  • “Resource Textures to new directory”
    • This option, when checked, will copy all converted textures over to the specified directory upon bake completion, and then resource the file nodes in the hypershade to point towards the newly copied files.
    • This option is checked by default.
  • “Add Set”
    • Adds the currently selected pair of shader, and mesh (transform must be selected) to the bakeSet list.
    • If the order of selection is reversed, and the user accidentally selects the shader before the mesh, the script will attempt to reverse selection before adding it to the list.
    • Check the list, make sure the object, then shader, is added in that order.
  • “Remove Set”
    • Removes selected set(s) from the bakeSet list.
  • “Clear List”
    • Clears all items from the bakeSet List.
  • “Start”
    • Starts batch conversion of all bake Sets.

Additional Notes:

This doc was intended to provide you with a good starting point and an understanding of the parameters, but the start settings, and the intended functions can be customized for different looks.

For any questions, suggestions, or bugs, please email me directly on creative crash. I will do my best to respond to all inquiries, and I am open to suggestions on making this more suitable / usable for general workflows.

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