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1-Click Texture Batch Bake for Maya 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Convert as many shaders as you need at once, with no intermediate supervision

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Feature Request

Bake a Object with multiple materials

Submitted by:rippster1818 rippster1818
I have multiple meshes that have a material on each each one. Then I combined them. Now I want to bake everything into one map. Maya can do it but without any overfill or it will come out incorrect. I was sorta hoping this tool could do that. Bake a object with multiple materials on it. Can that be added in? Its very rare to have a object with only one material

Comments on this feature request:

  • lucasm

    lucasm said over 7 years ago:

    Hey rippster1818, Short answer! I feel your pain, it was originally going to be a part of the script, but adding support for that would be pretty complex and not something I am up to taking on at this point. It opens a whole new can of worms. Here's why, Merging meshes with different shading groups while usually works visually and in the viewport can, and usually does, make a mess of things in the connected node network. You can see this if you graph inputs/outputs on a selected geo like that. That means adding support for quite a few different and unpredictable shading scenarios (depending on how, and in what order meshes were combined) and I found bake outputs were usually incorrect. The "right" way to setup a shading network is to use layered textures to bring in all the different textures into one material, that then can be baked easily. Of course most people don't work this way, it's a lot more time consuming and usually not worth it.

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