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1 click texture remapper! (convenience tool) 0.9.0 for Maya (maya script)

Quickly remap your selected texture, or connect an rgbHSV and ramp node in 1 click

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Last Modified:03/07/2013
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1 click texture remapper! (convenience tool)


-This tool is very simple, it simplifies and speeds up the process of remapping a texture in maya.
most nodes have the create remap option towards the bottom of the attributes. Not only is it cumbersome to scroll down there to create it all the time, but it is also not available on some nodes you may want to remap. 

-Also, aside from remapping any node that supports it, this script can also connect an RGBHSV node, and a ramp.
For example, if you have a node network with a remap already present, and you duplicate the rgbhsv node, and the ramp it loses it's connection. Reconnect them in 1 click with this. 

-For most conveniant useage, open in notepad, paste in the python tab of your script editor in maya, and create a shelf button.

-This script has no graphical user interface. 

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