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abAutoRig 6.0.3 for Maya (maya script)

Skeleton builder and auto rigger

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Last Modified:04/26/2013
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autorig, Rig

AbAutoRig Version 2 is now available, and it's full of new features and improvements to the original!

abAutoRig is a simple to use skeleton builder and autorigger that builds a fast, animator friendly, bipedal rig. Features include:

  • Entirely node based rig.
  • Fully scaleable.
  • Stretchy IK/FK legs and arms.
  • Combo IK/FK spine with up to 18 joints.
  • Knee and elbow snap to pole vector control. 
  • Standard foot controls including footRoll, footBreak, toeRoll, toeTwist, ballTwist.
  • Space switching on all major control curves (including a tool to copy control positions across space switches).
  • Support for upleg, upArm, and foreArm split joints (up to two each).
  • FK/IK head controls.
  • FK/IK fingers.
  • FK/IK and IK/FK matching on the legs and arms.
  • Auto align on relevant FK controls.
  • A skeleton builder.
  • A library of control curves and an interface to modify them.
  • A rig remover to quickly strip rigs from your skeleton (leaving your weighting intact) and reapply them, if desired.
  • A tool for easy creation of a scaleable, stretchy IK spline joint chain (complete with FK controllers) from a curve.

AbAutoRig Version 2 has been updated with lots of fixes and new features, including:

  • A ribbon spine (new as of version 5.5).
  • A jaw (new as of version 5.4).
  • A new no-flip shoulder.
  • Manual override for forearm and lower leg twist, and the option to switch between two types of rotation readers.
  • The ability to specify up to six split joints for each limb section (upArm, foreArm, upLeg, and lowLeg).
  • The number of split joints can now be adjusted after the skeleton has been created.
  • Individual FK controls for each finger joint which blend with the existing finger control attributes.
  • The ability to pose multiple finger joints via simple movement and rotation of master finger controls.
  • A new master spine control which allows you to quickly rough in spine poses.
  • Improved control curves (CV hardness is now captured; wireReplacer works with multiple curve selections and now has draggable curve rotation fields).
  • Arm, leg, and head align attributes and IK/FK spine attributes are now float values (instead of booleans), and can be smoothly blended.
  • Improved arm IK/FK setup and IK/FK switcher.
  • Improved default rotation orders on several controls.
  • Rig options (spine joint number, finger IK, align hands to world) are now saved to the skeleton when the rig is created and retained when the rig is removed and re-applied.
And now there's a Premium Version which is available for instant download for $25.  It includes lots of additional advanced features, like:

  • Stretchy FK/IK fingers and hands (new as of version 6.1).
  • Create FK blendable dynamically driven ikSplines using the "Make Stretch Spline From Curve" (new as of version 5.6).
  • Optional squash and stretch on arms, legs, and spine, and a lattice based version on the head (new as of version 5.5).
  • Rubber hose arms and legs (new as of version 5.3).
  • The ability to create a skeleton in a non T-pose, which can then be recalled and bound to your mesh once the character has been rigged.
  • Up to three neck joints, including a master neck control.
  • Up to eight mid spine control curves, a master spine control, and an optional spine shaper control.
  • A fully featured character marking menu, complete with auto-matching IK/FK snapping, space switching, the ability to bake master control transforms to their child controls, and more.
  • A new stand alone space switching tool.
  • A new mirror pose tool.- A skeleton updater that allows you to quickly convert your old abAutoRig skeletons to skeletons that can be rigged with this version of the script.
  • A tool to change the default colors of your rig controls (colors which will be saved along with your control curves when you use the "Save Wires To Shelf Button" tool).

More info, the latest version, and details on how to buy a copy can be found here.

The most recent version of the original abAutoRig can be found here 

Video Tutorials for the abAutoRig Version 1 by Olivier Ladeuix:

Part I:
Part II:
Part IIIa:
Part IIIb:

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