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abKeyWrangler 2.9.1 for Maya (maya script)

An animation toolbox.

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  • 2012, 2011, 2010, 9.x, 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x

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Last Modified:01/18/2012
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Version History

v. 1.5:  Gradient Color Curves wasn't always finding the selected objects' animCurves.  It should now.  Tolerance on animCurve conversion is now relative to each curve's value range.

v. 1.6:  Added "All Curves" under Select menu, which should select all of the user anim curves (camera, light, nurbs curve, transform, motionPath -- stuff you've set set keyframes on).  Also added the "Snap Selected Keys" checkBox to the retiming tab.

v. 1.7:
  Added "Previous Key" and "Next Key" under "Select" menu (requires a selection of keys in the Graph Editor).


v. 1.8:   Added "Clean Up Fractional Keys" button to the "CleanUp" tab.  It's my version of snap keys (a la PixL's request).  It's also now used when "Snap Selected Keys" is enabled in the "Retime" tab (instead of Maya's version).

v. 2.1:   Added custom marking menu with lots of new features (shift+S RMB in the Graph Editor).  Added Valley tangents in convert curves box.  Added "Color" tab to color key ticks.  Select keys in the Graph Editor or ticks in the timeline to color keyframes for selected or displayed curves.    Added quick select convert profiles to the "Convert Selected Curves" button.

v. 2.2:   Added "Copy Keys" and "Paste Keys" to marking menu: select individual keys to copy (one per curve), curves or objects.  Added "Objects From Selected AnimCurves" in "Select" menu.  Replaced "Current Time To Sel" (south position in the custom marking menu) with "Zero Selected": select some keys in the GE, run this and they'll be zeroed.  Added "Extrapolate Curves": select one or more curves, move the current time to a frame before the first or after the last key, run this and a new key that maintains the slope of the curve will be created.

v. 2.3:
   Can now paste a key value to multiple selected keys (so long as not all the keys on the animCurve are selected).  Added "Average Selected Keys", "Straighten Selected Keys", "Subdivide Curves", "Convert Curves", and "Default Key Tangents" to the marking menu.  Improved the way fractional keys are snapped (especially with keys on a slope).  Results should end up closer to the original curve than previously (added a few more checkbox options).

v. 2.5:    Added "Scale" tab and moved color tab options to "Color" menu.

v. 2.5.1:  Convert Keys now respects key selection (unselected keys won't be converted); fixed a major issue with curve cleaning (curves should maintain their shape now).
v. 2.7:  Added previous/next blend slider under Blend Prev/Next sub menu.  Fixed a bunch of marking menu issues.  Adjusted UI and improved popup menu behaviour for 2011 and up.  Added support for auto tangents in 2012 and beyond.  Fixed bug in curve cleaning.

v. 2.8:  
Added "Apply Default Tangents To New Keys" in the Insert tab "Blend Previous/Next" Section.  New keys created as the result of a blend are now added to the selection, so consecutive blend adjustments should work more intuitively.  Added option to auto assign special tick color to newly inserted keys when blending between previous/next keys.  Added "Auto Assign Prev/Next Key Tangents On Blend".  Added "Linear Mode" to keying modes.

v. 2.9:  Added the ability to limit the curves adjusted using the blend prev/next tool (in either the marking menu "Blend Prev/Next", or the "Insert" tab of the script UI) to those channels selected in the channelBox.

v. 2.91:  Removed Filter Keys for Maya 2012 and up since it's now built in (mostly) and replaced it on marking menu with "Show UI" command.

v. 2.91:  Fixed a typo in the header instructions that described how to run the script.