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abWeightLifter 1.9.0 for Maya (maya script)

A tool to copy and mirror skin weights on...

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  • 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x, 5.x

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  • Windows


Last Modified:10/26/2013
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Version History

1.4: Added option to perform a mirror copy with "Mirror Across Origin" in the "Copy Vertices Using:" drop down; A few bug fixes. Check the file for updates.

1.4.1: Fixed Maya 7 fatal error related to alphanumeric connection labels. Added "Show SymTable Vertices" and "Clear SymTable" to options.

1.4.2: Interface now scales; skinCluster selection bug fixed; Select Influences button now works as expected -- if joints or transforms are selected when clicked, overlapping selection will be hilited in the filter influence list, otherwise selected items in the filter influence list will be selected in the scene; Select Influences window Select Influences button now selects influence transforms which is more useful than highlighting transforms in the source object scrollList.

Added "Replace Skin" to Tools menu. To use it, select two meshes, one of which should be skinned. When you invoke the command, the unskinned mesh will be bound to the influences on the skinned mesh, all weights will be copied, and the originally skinned mesh will be unbound and deleted.

   "Select Influenced Verts" is now more sensitive.


1.5:   Added "Move Weights" button to UI.  It will move all the weights of the source influence to the destination influence.  You can limit the scope of the operation by selecting vertices on your mesh (otherwise it will act on the entire mesh).  Avoid specifying the same influence in more than one connection at a time (influences connected to themselves are ignored).  Improved symmetry feedback.  A prompt now alerts you if the mesh isn't symmetrical.  SymTable menu items are now disabled when there's no symmetry data.


1.6:   Added "Check Symmetry", "Get Symmetry From Selected" and "Copy Skin to Mesh" to tools menu.  "Check Symmetry" will check for symmetry for mirror operations on both one object and across objects.  "Get Symmetry From Selected" will determine symmetry on your source and destination object (they must be the same) from another copy of the mesh.  This is useful for establishing symmetry when your symmetrical skinned mesh isn't reading as symmetrical because of skin weights (or whatever).  To use "Copy Skin to Mesh" you must first select a skinned and (at least partially overlapping) unskinned mesh and then click the menu item.  Once the UI appears you can select some vertices on the skinned mesh to limit which influences get skinned to the target mesh (if you don't select any vertices, the target will be bound to all source's influences).

1.7:   Verts that lie on the origin will now be accounted for when "Auto Weight Origin Verts" is enabled in the preferences UI.  Added "Select Centerline Vertices" to the Options menu.


1.8:   Added the ability to save and import weights (still no interpolation).   The import will be restricted to any selected verts on the destination mesh.  Improved auto connect and added find and replace fields to the UI for use with auto connecting (ignored in mirror mode).  Also various speed improvements and bug fixes (thanks Jiet).

1.9:  Tweaked abWlReplaceSkin2() to be more reliable.  Changed name of "Copy Skin to Mesh" to "Bind New Mesh To Skinned Mesh Infs" so it's more clear.  Added two more search and replace fields to aid in auto-connecting influences.