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abxPicker (2011+) 2.5.2 for Maya (maya script)

Rapidly Create Character Control UIs using abxPicker's unique drag and drop interface.

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Last Modified:12/14/2016
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Multiple desktops?

Submitted bypandalope pandalope
So, I used your previous free verison and had the same issue. But when it stopped working in 2011, I thought I was just SOL, not realizing that you had just made a new version that workes for 2011+. My problem is that, at home I have an extra monitor, but when I'm away, it's just my laptop and the abx picker window won't show up. I can only hope it's some wierd problem with going from two to one monitors. I've had this issue with other windos for tools that I'd usually throw on that extra screen. The problem is, I could usually just hit windows key + p and force my laptop to think it's extended, then swap it back and all the windows are on just the main desktop. Or activate the window by running the script and using windows key + up/left/right to get it to pop over to my screen (I'm using Windows 7).

No error comes up. Even if I add the line "abxPicker;" to the end of your script and run that, it won't error but it also won't bring up the window :(

For whatever reason, with your script, none of these usual solutions fix my problem. I need this script to work because I have about 11 characters that all have the same auto-generated rig on my shortfilm project and a tool like yours would be huge. I was willing to throw down the money because I had used the previous free version and thought it worked quite well.


Comments on this bug:

  • J Adam Burke

    J Adam Burke said about 11 years ago:

    Hey John, It sounds like your abxPicker window is just getting stuck offscreen. Maya stores the window positions as a preference setting. You can delete the windowPref.mel found in C:\Users\\Documents\maya\2011_x64\prefs\windowPref.mel and then restart maya, this will reset all your maya window positions to default again. Alternatively to deleting your window prefs, you could just tell maya to move the window back to 0 position using a mel command. MEL: window -e -leftEdge 0 -topEdge 0 "abxPickerWindow";
  • pandalope

    pandalope said about 11 years ago:

    Oh cool thanks! Is there any reason you made the GUI come up in a window that doesn't allow for minimizing? It becomes kind of frustrating when with just one monitor because of the screenspace it takes up that I can't just quickly/easily minimize it and bring it back up like other windows
  • J Adam Burke

    J Adam Burke said about 11 years ago:

    There was a bug at one point that made regular maya windows steal keyboard focus, so it was annoying to click the picker button but then not have your keyboard shortcuts work, like pressing 's' after clicking a button would do nothing instead of setting a keyframe. To get around it you would have to click the picker window then click the maya window, then press 's' to set a key... very annoying. By using the 'toolbox' style window it avoided this bug. Also i think autodesk fixed the bug in 2012+. If you want to try running it as a normal window its super easy to edit. edit the abxPicker.mel in a text editor and a few lines from the top you'll see string $parent = `window -tlb 1 -t abxPicker abxPickerWindow`; change it to: string $parent = `window -t abxPicker abxPickerWindow`; and save, next time you start maya it should appear in a normal window with minimize buttons. hopefully the keyboard shortcuts work as expected.
  • pandalope

    pandalope said about 11 years ago:

    Oh Dude, rad. Thanks! That makes sense. I'll try it out!

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