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Last Modified:11/11/2009
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abxPicker Subsets problem

Submitted by: haripal Singh haripal Singh
Hi Adam can you tell me that how to make more than one subsets in a character  picker, I mean when I create new character picker node , I want Body, hand, face as its three subsets. Please reply this 

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    J Adam Burke

    J Adam Burke said about 12 years ago:

    Sure, all you have to do is create a create a new sheet with the same character name but a different "sub" name. It will show up as a tab subset of the character. You can also rename existing pickr nodes to combine them as mutliple tabs. Just rename your PIKR node in the outliner so they have the same character name with different sub names. (eg. Character1_Main_PIKR and Character1_Hand_PIKR) *If you are using reference prefixes, then the character name is left out of the PIKR node name (eg Main_PIKR and Hand_PIKR)
  • haripal Singh

    haripal Singh said about 12 years ago:

    THank you very much sir, actually earlier I have tried that also but getting the more character with the same name in the character box but dont know that after making new subsets I need to close it and again open it to get it correct but anyway thanks you very very very very much

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