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abxRenderLayers 1.6.0 for Maya (maya script)

Powerful tools to manage, export, and rebuild Maya's Render Layers

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Last Modified:06/16/2015
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How to fix locked or broken Render Layers

Submitted by: J Adam Burke J Adam Burke
Render Layers can break for many reasons inside maya. The most common occurance involves using referencing along with render layers. This combination leads to unexpected behavior and unresolvable node connections that can screw up scenes and leave you having to start over from scratch.

If your scene has locked render layers and contains referencing, then its most likely that something that was in the reference file is no longer there anymore.

First thing you can do is make sure it wasn't an accident. Check with your other departments to make sure the change was necessary. If it was not necessary have them fix it, you can point out the missing nodes by examining the "Diagnose Ref Lock" function. It will tell them which nodes no longer exist but are needed. If it WAS a necessary change continue below.

The best option to unlock your layers is to run "Rebuild All Layers" in the abxLayers menu in the Render Layer Editor. This will rebuild you render layers while ignoring missing node overrides. If a shader node is what is missing, rebuilding will create an abxLayersMissingShader node that is bright green. This will give you fresh render layers that should match your original render layers except missing node overrides are cleaned out. Be sure to check each render layer for discrepencies (email me if you have any)

Sometimes after clearing failed reference edits, the render layers have "junk" overrides left in them. They are easy to fix. Check the warning to see what nodes are having trouble. On that layer right-click the layer and choose "List Edits"  Then search the edit list for overrides on that node, remove those edits and check to see if warning message is gone. If it still occurs it may be cause by the previous active layer. Check its edits as well for overrides to the warning message node. That should fix those warnings. Double check your render layers to make sure desired overrides are still intact, re-override if necessary, warnings should not come back.

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