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abxSmartKey 2011 3.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Enhances ChannelBox by automatically syncing the timeline and graph editor with selected channels

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Last Modified:05/03/2010
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UPDATE: Maya 2012 USERS: Well it looks like someone at autodesk noticed abxSmartKey and decided to implement it permanently. As of 2012, Maya has added the "Sync Timeline" and "Sync Graph" features to the channel box.

Updated for Maya 2011!

Smart Key enhances keyframing in maya by intelligently changing the maya keyframe preferences depending on if you have channels selected or not. It dynamically enables keying only selected channels or, if you don't have any channels selected, it returns to default behavior of keying all keyable attributes when pressing setKey (s).

Syncronize Graph Editor:
Smart Key also filters your graph editor curves based on selected channels. This makes working in the graph editor way easier. For example, you could select 100 animated objects, and click on the translateY in the channel editor and instantly filter the graph editor to show only the translateY curves of all 100 objects. Once you use this you'll never want to be without it.

Syncronize Time Line:
Smart Key can also syncronize your visible key ticks on the time line with the channels selected in the channel box, This makes isolating and moving keyframes in the timeline more powerful since you can isolate specific attributes easily and manipulate them in the timeline.

Set Channel Colors: *NEW*
Now with SmartKey you can set custom curve colors on channels. These custom colors show up in the graph editor and on your timeline key ticks.

Copy the package contents into any maya script location to automatically source the script when maya starts. Package includes a shelf icon for placing on the shelf.

simply source the script abxSmartKey.mel and type and run "abxSmartKey" on the MEL command line
The Channel Box will have a new menu item called "SK"

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