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Active Smooth Poly 3.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Quick subdiv preview

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  • 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x

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Last Modified:07/31/2009
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NEW! Blazing fast subdiv preview for Maya 2008 and up

What's Active Smooth Now? It's a..

Quick Access Subdiv Preview for Maya 2008/2009 

 and a Quick Access PolySmooth for Maya 8.5 and lower

with enhanced viewing controls such as

hiding the wireframe/grid/selection,

applying a blinn material to see geometry defects

and providing the friendliest mechanism to preview your mesh

Setup takes one minute.

ActiveSmoothPoly presents a different way to solve the "reference to the smoothed poly" problem. Along with other important features, Active Smooth Poly mainly performs two actions:

  • Upon Pressing a selected key the selected Object will be quickly smoothed.

  • Upon Releasing that key, the object will unsmooth immediately.

* This hotkey can be set as a toggle.

* For Maya 2008 and higher blazing fast subdiv preview

For Maya 8.5 it's even more..


When modeling with polygons, both beginners and professional users refer at some point to the smoothed version of the model, to get a glimpse at how the model will look like, Smoothed. One common way is using a Maya's Smooth Proxy (which is a low resolution poly "cage" around a smoothed copy of your mesh). However, this method has flaws, such as slow reaction and overlapping of the high res wireframe over the low res wireframe.







 Smoothing Radius feature guarantees high performance on complex meshes

For in depth information (illustrations and examples) go here:


  • Installation Wizard
  • Selection Preserver - Smooth/Unsmooth at any time and keep your selections
  • Smoothing Radius - Smooth only withn a radius of your selection, useful for large models
  • Mouse Wheel Action - Use your mouse wheel to change your smoothing radius
  • Hiding Features - When smoothed, hide the grid/wireframe/vertices/edges/faces
  • Apply Blinn shader when in smooth mode
  • Multiple objects are supported
  • TAB hotkey support
  • HUD Display

What's new?

v3.0 (03.07.09)
- Added blazing fast subdiv preview for Maya 2008 and Maya 2009

- Supports for Maya 2009 and Maya 2009-x64 versions

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