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advance biped setup 3.5.0 for Maya (maya script)

automatic rigging characters

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  • 2009, 2008, 8.x, 7.x

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Last Modified:04/27/2009
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' AUTHOR   :  ali reza khodakarami
' DATE     : 2/Jul/2008
' EMAIL    :

' INSTALLATION: In command line write : "source AdvanceBipedSetup.mel;CSSADSET;". Then middle
   mouse drage to shelf and make a MEL button for it.

' COMMENT: Well after years of rigging characters by hand and spending a lot of time
  on setup , started to write some scripts for rigging characters automatically
  , and this is the final resault of them (after writing 3 or 4 before this !)
  This script goes step by step and the only job you have is just set your
  bone positions at first step and just guid it on times it needs settings in
  different windows.
  This rigging is based on "Alias Hyper Real Body Setup" training kit.
  The second section is manual section for adding things that are not in the
  I must say that I have used some ready MELs from and some from
  other people , so for making your job easy I gathered all of them in this
  script. Just take a look at the manual section and you'll find some known ones
  like "Rivet" , "Volum Wire" , "Control Circle Creator" , "Stretchy IK" ,
  "Piston Rigging" and "Bone On Curve".
  Remember that this script is for rigging Biped character and quadruped ,
  bird , and insect characters will be the next job.

' Contents :
  1- Automatic rigging process
  2- Character has user setup for deferent parts so if you don't need them uncheck them
  3- Character can have stretchy spine , hand , leg , head , ear , sensor , vacume , tail , and eye
  4- Character can have auto clavicle
  5- Character can have IK / FK blending
  6- Character can have auto adjust hip
  7- Character can have auto scapula
  8- Character can have deferent parenting for each helper handle for scene needs
  9- script will create a low res geometry automatically
  10- Character have two deferent rigging system as control (wich has ik and other settings) ,
 and boundry (wich has just bones). the control will have low rez geo for real time animation
 and the boundry will skinned to mesh and connects to control later on when you want to render !
  11- Character has dynamic system for tail, sensor, ear, and vacume letting you have secondary motion
      with complete control on animating the same part without needing to play every frame as other dynamics


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