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AdvancedSkeleton5 5.8.9 for Maya (maya script)

AdvancedSkeleton is a collection of Maya tools for doing character setup

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  • 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Mac
  • Windows


Last Modified:06/25/2022
File Size: 37.2 MB

Version History

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.895
- RollingBall FitAttribute addded, for auto ball roll behavior
- Select FaceAreas functions added
- FaceSetup EyeLidMain2 option added
- Scaling Main not workng with FBX export issues, fix
- Iterations field added to LipFalloff BuildStep
- Audio2Face for standalone Selector, asAlign issue, fix
- Audio2Face with animated character issue, fix
- Partial Joints Scapula and Hip orientation issue, fix
- CustomControl auto-mirror on non-same-mesh issue, fix
- FaceSkinCluster.bindPreMatrix unusedMultiInstances issue, fix
- Custom oriented Face-controllers issue, fix
- Tongue part of Mouth-Mesh issue, fix
- eyeBrowArea & eyeBrowLineArea sets now avaiable in FaceAreas set
- FaceSetup skinWeighting improvements

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.890
- Custom Reduce function added to Optimize section
- DrivingSystem-Advanced section added
- ModelCleaner now removes displayLayers
- Bake HumanIK function added
- Create HumanIK no longer require removed MotionSystem
- ReBuild FaceSetup added option "Manually run RestoreStep"
- ReBuild FaceSetup not restoring customized DrivingSystems, fix
- ReBuild FaceSetup cause a "handle given geometry data" Error, fix
- Connection option added to DeformableControllers
- Lip & SmilePull incorrectly deteced as DS bug from v5.8763, fix
- Partial Joints improvements
- CorrectiveShapes UI improvements
- DrivingSystems UI improvements
- asFaceControlOrient now skips _M ctrls
- Go to Build Pose now detect removed ctrls with option to remove cmd

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.886
- CorrectiveShapes Error introduced in v 5.885, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.885
- AngleSystem now updates on ReBuild if DrivingAngle has changed.
- Unparented DragonWing controls issue introduced in v5.880, fix
- Deformable-Controllers function added to Selector/Picker
- HairSystem option added to Selector/Picker Dynamics menu
- ModelCleaner now removes intermidiate shape nodes
- ModelCleaner now removes animCurves
- ReSample now longer adds underscores to jointNames

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.880
- ReadyPlayerMe added to NameMatcher
- CharacterCreator4 added to NameMatcher
- NameMatcher Straighten Knee/Elbow PoleVectors added
- NameMatcher improved OverAllScale of FitSkeleton node
- NameMatcher appends NameSpace to avoid name-clashing
- NameMatcher Mixamo EyeJoint added to template
- IkFollow FitAttribute added
- ControlsFromSoftMod now works with Volume Falloff
- ControlsFromSoftMod now works with Custom FalloffCurve
- IkSpine Flip issue with Main.r at -90 180 0 issue, fix
- DrivingSystem for multiCtrls with variable DriveValues issue, fix
- Main.drvSysVis attribute sometimes dont work issue, fix
- AutoLipSync Download permission denied for some users issue, fix
- AutoDriven-DrivingSystems missing Edit option after ReBuild issue, fix
- AlignIk2Fk issue, fix
- Running Selector as standAlone cause MoCapMather issue, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.875
- added to MoCapMather
- Snap button added to Body>Edit>Placement
- Audio2Face function added
- Face Mask storing now faster
- NoMirrored LeftOnly SplineIKs flipping issue, fix
- SwapCurve now works with edgeSelection
- Minimum rig scale now limited to 0.01
- MoCapMatcher bug introduced in v 5.870, fix
- FaceFit EdgeLoop detector issue with neighbour vtxs issue fix
- SkinCage with CurveAttach-Connect preference set issue, fix
- NameMatcher TransferSkinning with NameSpace issue, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.870
- Unreal5 full-version compatability added for Export ControlRig
- Root Motion Joint function added to GameEngine section
- UnrealEngine sub-section removed (replaced by custom mannquin exporter)
- Unreal Mannequin exporter added
- Unreal5 template added to NameMatcher
- Fleshy-eye now affects innerLid & outerLid ctrl, adjustable with Fleshy attr
- FaceSetup issue where EyeBallModel part of MainMesh, fix
- FaceSetup on NameMatcher now checks for headJoint
- Baking MotionCapture to IK option added
- NameClash on geo objects with "*_Right" in name, fix
- BendSystem.inheritsTransform can be enabled by SwapCurve, fix
- CurvedBasedDeformation issues on limbs with only 1 twistjoint, fix
- Clashing Joint Names detector added

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.865
- Unreal 5-Preview-2 ControlRig support added
- Picker: Colors from Geometry function added
- Embedded-Picker added (picker baked into the maya-file)
- Picker>Isolate Picker now sets panels to auto-load new objects
- Delete MotionSystem (for HumanIK) now retains FaceSetup
- FaceStepBuild undone can cause repeat buildStep issue, fix
- Build-step:LipCorner Update function issues fix
- X-axis crossing now possible also with Mirrored limbs
- Warning added when using underscores in joint-names
- FK2IK Baking with non-settable attributes, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.862
- Face > WrinkleMap added

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.860
- Toes & Finger on Quadruped FitSkeletons now have worldOrient FitAttribute
- ReBuildDagPoseNodes function removes faceBuildPose issue, fix
- Double transform for Teeth&Tongue in Face-Rig-Type:Mixed issue, fix
- Tongue scaling issue introduced in v5.842 issue, fix
- RobloxHead connects to upperLip_M.ty issue, fix
- BlendShape FaceSetup can now overshoot negative, e.g ctrlEye_R.blink -5
- SkinCage Branching improvements
- NonSphericalEyeSetup LidSetupNonSpAim1_L offset issue, fix
- GameEngineScaleBehaviour on jointsInIk with no inbetweens issue, fix
- Custom Rotate-order IkCtrl not mirroring correctly, fix
- AutoLipSync of non-Latin subtitle-render issue in Maya2022, fix
- Bake function added to MoCapLibrary
- Resampling SplinIk-chain to 2joints issue, fix
- NoseSide_R controller jitters issue, fix
- Paint ClusterControlWeights with LocalOriented On issue, fix
- Cluster/SoftMod-Controls not part of ControlSet after ReBuild, fix
- Cluster/SoftMod-Controls now non-renderable by default
- Undo scriptjob removed

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.855
- Unreal-ControlRig FaceSetup export (BlendShape FaceSetup)
- "Roblox Dynamic Heads" support added
- BlendShapes FaceSetup now use BlendShape on Teeth/Tongue
- ConvertToBlendShape-only-FaceRig now include FleshyEye targets
- ctrlMouth_M.lipSide attribute changed to use softLimits
- DrivingSystems can now be created on Left side as well
- DrivingSystem add to existing control Mirror issue, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.850
- Unreal-ControlRig Backwards solve added
- Unreal-ControlRig now exports Global function
- Unreal-ControlRig IK-controls offset axis swap, fix
- DrivingSystem Center-Driver with Center-Drivens issue, fix
- MirrorPose for QuadrupedLeg in IK issue, fix
- BoxSkin skinweight improvements
- MoCapLibrary with referenced rigs issue, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.845
- Unreal-Mannequin-Skeleton function now autoscales rig
- Unreal-ControlRig IK controls now in Unreal-World-Space
- Unreal-ControlRig now works with twistJoints & inbeweenJoints
- Unreal-ControlRig noControl FitAttribute support added
- BoxSkin function added to Geometry>PolyBoxes
- PolyBoxes now use defaultShader for improved fps
- Tongue can now have any number of controllers
- Unreal Mannequin issue with knee-twist-joints, fix
- added "childOfPart" FitAttribute, for controls to be child of TwistJoints
- AutoLipSync update for GitHubs`s folder rename master->main
- NotInBuildPose checker now includes Main controller
- ReBuildDagPose updated to remove old DagPose Nodes
- PolyBoxes contains shear values issue, fix
- Non-uniform scaling of Tongue issue, fix
- Edit DrivingSystem>"show only affected" issue, fix
- Non-Spherical-Eye issue on large characters, fix
- ARKit on BlendShape-FaceSetup, look attributes issue. fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.840
- Export as Unreal-ControlRig added
- Gorilla FitTemplate now include ToesEnd FitJoint
- ReBuild Face after RemoveUnusedInfluences issue, fix
- noMirror now has new noMirrorLeft option
- SwitchIK2FK issue with rigs using MirroredTranslate, fix
- middleFace_M cause double transform for nose, fix
- Edit DrivingSystem with HeadSquash double-ctrl issue fix
- eyeLid.closeAutoShape issues when Main controller is moved, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.835
- Non-Spherical-Eye issue in Maya2022, fix
- adding "noFlip" to center-joints issue, fix
- $sideTreshold increased to match $centerTolerance
- MirroredTranslate option On cause qudruped leg issue, fix
- Create DrivingSystem now avoids inclusion of SmilePull contollers
- AutoLipSync on BlendShape FaceRigs sets Jaw&Lip multipliers to 1
- SkinCage issues in Maya2022, fix
- ImportLimb to a built rig issue, fix
- Rebuild now repairs CustomControllers scale issue
- ReBuild not keeping members added to DeformSet issue, fix
- SwitchFK/IK on multiple limbs increases currentTime issue, fix
- Align FK2IK and IK2FK has swapped labels, for better decription
- SplineIk EndCtrl.stiff attributes issue, fix
- Display GimbalLockVisualizers issue, fix
- GeoAttach offset issue, fix
- FreeOrient issue, fix
- SliderJoints not scaling with Main issue, fix
- Delete UnUsed EndJoints now ignores "control" endjoints

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.830
- "Mirrored Translation" option added to Preparation>Rig section
- "Control" fitAttribute added, allowing for end-joints to build controllers
- AlignFKIK for SplineIK now use degree 1 curve
- SkinCage brachboxes improvements
- CustomControllers not scaling with Main, fix
- FKIKSwitch reverses toe issue, fix
- CreatePolyBoxes for quadrupeds Heel issue, fix
- SceneZUp Rebuild issue, fix
- Delete MotionSystem issue, fix
- Global not following Main issue, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.826
- Bug introduced in v 5.825: Left Bendy controls flipped, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.825
- Bug introduced in v 5.820: IKArm controls not following Main, fix
- Multiple top-level joints now possible.
- Inbetween-joints not scaling correctly on Left side, fix
- FitSkeleton joints on Left side now Warns to use Right side
- MoCapLibrary updated to work with alternative Primary axis option
- Mirroring of SplineIK limbs improvements

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.824
- CreateDrivingSystem on Left side, now prompts to use Right side
- FreeOrient on Cup joint issue, fix
- multi-joint zig-zag IK`s flip issue, fix
- Using world-match orient, causes flipped fingers DrivingSystem, fix
- Corrective-Control DrivingSystem Driving FK controls issue, fix
- World-match orient, fingers Non-local-upaxis issue fix
- Face Error[0] issue, fix
- Unreal Mannequin Transfer Skinning now warns upon joint count mismatch
- Face-FitEye no longer uses rotation from Body-Eye, as it could be custom-oriented
- Geometry>Mannequin now includes Ankle
- Geometry>Muscular now on a displayLayer
- ReCreating DrivingSystem using name of previously delete DS issue, fix
- FaceSetup in Z-up scene, now prompts user to switch Axis
- Lip Upper overlapping LipLower detection improvements
- FaceFit Lip&Lid Main&Inner colors changed to match Outer colors
- PolyCage on character with arms downwards improved.
- Added auto-detect of previous FaceBuild attempts

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.821
- Bug introduced in v 5.820: Scaling Main ctrl breaks rig, fix
- Bug introduced in v 5.820: Rotating Main ctrl moves poleVectors, fix
- TwistSystems for rigs with non-default primary axis issue, fix
- Geometry>PolyBoxes now includes Ankle & Wrist
- Multiple Main Extras not affecting PolyBoxes scale fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.820
- MetaHuman template added to NameMatcher
- Z up Axis added to Preparation>Rig section
- Main Hierarchy changed for better export to Unreal results
- "Unreal Root behaviour" function removed
- Axis options added to Body>Edit>Auto-orient section
- poleVector position improved for multiple-knee-joint rigs
- FaceBuild Prep sets "All Head" object to polySmooth level 0
- AngleRotations improved for non-default RotationAxis settings
- Geo object automatically parented to Geometry when Building
- SkinCage branching improvements
- SkinCage Elbow/Knee fitting improved
- AutoLipSync errors now prompts for re-download language files

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.812
- Scene Z-up Maya-setting support added
- FKIKSwitch rigs with NameSpace toe align issue, fix
- ConnectARKit on referenced-in rigs with arKit-ctrl issue, fix
- CorrectiveControls on rigs with no existing DS issue, fix
- ModelCleaner on objects with intermidiateMeshes issue, fix
- FaceRig with no bodyRig, rebuild issue, fix
- Adding DrivingSystem with "use Existing Controller" issue, fix
- curveGuide mixed with DrivingSystem e.g dragon issue, fix
- GameEngine FaceSetup disables Mixed rigType
- Tongue part of a seperate innerMouth mesh issue, fix
- FaceBuild where main mesh`s double3 type attrs locked, fix
- Move red skinCurves to deformationWidth can overshoot, fix
- DrivingSystem for CustomControllers on Face mirror issue, fix
- adding WorldOrient FitAttribute to Root issue, fix
- ReBuild Face with Custom Added DrivingSystems issue, fix
- ModelCleaner objectSets issue, fix
- UnrealJoint TransferSkinning with 2 twistJoints issue, fix
- BipedGame FitSkeleton changes to better match UnrealMannequin
- zip lips behaviours asymmetrical issue fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.800
- Create Skin-Control, added to Custom-Controllers
- ModelCleaner now works with multi-uvSets
- DrivingSystems can now be Driven from any controller
- Custom HeadJoint now allows for using nameSpace
- Maya2020.4 compatibility added for FitSkeleton-geometry
- Adding "inbetween" to a end-joint causes Error, fix
- Adding dynamics to limbs with "inbetween" issue, fix
- EditBlendShape>reset issues, fix
- Limbs crossing axis then return to center issue, fix
- CustomControlles not part of "go to buildPose" after ReBuild, fix
- Edit DrivingSystem>show only affected not hiding IKSpine, fix
- CustomControllers with Custom-Parent not customParenting MirrorSide, fix
- Mirroring ctrlARKit_M-DrivingSystem issues, fix
- SliderJoints incorrectly sliding from RotateY, fix
- Bake ARKit on faceSetup with HeadSquash issue, fix
- PoserDesigner>Clip>key error, fix
- DiplayeLayers with options set to "auto add objects" issue, fix
- ctrlARKit_M.mouthLeft/Right incorrect values, fix
- ARKit attributes jawRight and jawLeft was swapped, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.775
- Reduce EyeLidJoints to 4 added in Optimize
- Reduce LipJoints to 12 added in Optimize
- lipAutoVolume attribute added to lip
- Moving IKLegs computes faster, with centerBtwFeet set to zero
- FaceSetup low skin-weight values filtered
- lip narrow improvments
- lipJoints position changed
- dualQ weighted eyeLids for non gameEngine FaceRigs
- Unreal-Joints section added
- Unreal-TwistJoints-hierarchy added to Unreal section
- shortestEdgePath improvements for eyeLid & lip
- constrainedOnFaceCtrl improved scale behaviour
- Teeth named same as face cause error, fix
- Phonemes not affecting Left cheeckRaiser, fix
- EyeBrowMid2 not following EyeBrowRegion bug, fix
- EyeBrowCenter_M ctrl issues with UpMidLo controllers, fix
- NoseCorners now follow middleFace_M instead of lowerFace_M

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.771
- HeadJoint-field automatically filled

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.770
- SmileLine added
- BlendedAttr averages instead of multiplies
- SmilePull improvements
- Create New BlendShape now includes faceExtras
- SliderJoints now allows for transformed skinCurves
- geoAttach joints removed from DeformSet
- Mac file path improvements
- Blink now works with LidOut drive
- RightClick->Finish added to Face Build Steps with time-slider
- GameSkeleton section now called GameEngine
- Unreal-Root-Behaviour function added to GameEngine section
- Tweak>attach controllers issue, fix
- Create FaceDeltaMush now auto zero weight lid & lip
- Face>Paint DeltaMush added
- Face>delete DeltaMush added
- CorrectiveBlendShape deformationOrder pop-up warning removed
- Selector & Picker drawWindow changes
- asSelectorScriptLocation now only in Selectors & Picker
- ControlMesh shader updates
- ReBuildDagPose now includes DeformationSystem node
- BlendShape Wizard fixes
- ConvertToBlendShapes Emotions fixes
- ConvertToBlendShapes LipRoll fixes
- SkinCage with new FaceSetup issue, fix
- Unreal Mannequin now scales with Main
- GameEngine-Scale now scales with Main
- ReBuild BlendShape rig issues, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.765
- Mixed Mode added to Face-Rig-Type
- FKExtra on geoAttachers now default values
- Narrowing mouth improvements
- EyeBrowCenter_M constraint change
- AimEye_M no longer hidden by default
- MayaLT can now access more sections
- AutoLipSync tempDir autogenerates
- fleshyEyes now affected by AimEye
- aimAt FitLabel remove, now remove correct attrs
- custom-library added to MoCapLibrary
- LegAim issue, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.760
- Connect ARKit namespace bug, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.759
- Eyelid bug fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.758
- Eyelids issues when moving >1000 units, fix
- Lip issues when extreme scaling character, fix
- HeadSquash character scaling issue, fix
- FKXHead_M segmentScaleCompensate set to Off
- asJointsVisibility now compatible with older rigs
- EyeLid ctrls modified default orientation

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.757
- UpMidLo controllers re-added
- EyeRegion behaviour improvements
- EyeBrowRegion behaviour improvements
- NoseCenterOffset_R renamed to NoseCenterOffset_M
- EyeLid ctrls improved default orientation
- FaceControls autoplacement improvements
- Neck now first child of Chest in FitSkeletons
- jointCtx -autoJointOrient Off, for Joint-plotting
- FaceExtras weighting fix
- FaceJoints radius tweaks
- LoPoly geo no longer parented to joints

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.753
- GameEngine-Scale-behaviour added to Game Skeleton
- ARKit bake now includes Head-rotation
- Adding twist/bendy within Spine issue, fix
- FaceRig with No BodyRig, headjoint placement fix
- DeformJointConstraints group added
- Mirror-Pose now allows custom non-sym attributes
- Teeth & Jaw Joints now at scale 1 by default
- EyeLidJoints parenting re-arranged
- LipFalloff Outside steps detection, fix
- Edit Falloff by Softmod, now faster
- Falloff by Softmod now works with NonSymmetrical faces
- JawOpen CheekPusher changed from X to Z

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.750
- GameEngine mode for FaceSetup
- New ARKit connect FaceCapture ui
- lip deformation improvements
- NonUniform limb scaling improvements
- ControlCurve swap now keep vis connection
- ReBuild now keeps translate and scale xform limits
- setBuilPose now avoids double commands
- ModelChecker now alos check all parent transforms
- Main.jointVis added
- NameMatcher namespace issue, fix
- Scaled FitJoints causing errors, fix
- Detect and remove un-used intermediate shapes added
- Create Unreal joints error, fix
- nonSphericalEye Eye issues, fix
- DrivingSystem issue, fix
- FaceRig with no BodyRig issue. fix
- Adding emotions to ctrlEmotions_M issue, fix
- SwapCurve of IKSpine cause Hybrid ctrls vis issue, fix
- IKHybrid ctrls locally oriented

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.740
- FACS Emotions control added to FaceSetup
- Previs FitSkeleton template added
- Phonemes aaa,eh & iee issue fix
- RootOptions added to FitLabels
- CenterBtwFeet FitLabel replaced by RootOptions
- HeadScaling with MainExtras issue fix
- ShowOnlyAffected option added to EditDrivingSystem
- DrivingSystem nesting now possible
- BendyLimbs follow attribute issue fix
- TwistFlip function namespace issue fix
- File menu added to Selector
- MoCapLibrary moved to Selector
- fbx export added to Selector
- Reference-in function now filters mb files
- UnitChecker function now also runs upon Building
- ModelChecker now checks also for ConstructionHistory

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.730
- MoCap database added to AnimationTester
- NameMatcher auto red labels mismatched joint names
- NameMatcher CharacterCreator3 template added
- cachedPlayback cleared and disabled for FaceBuild
- SimplifiedFaceSetup blendshape targets-ordering issue, fix
- CorrectiveShapes on IK limbs issue, fix
- ctrlEye scale attributes now hidden
- DrivingSystems using SmilePull-ctrl are inaccurate, fix
- Non-Zero IkLocalOrient cause edit-drivingSystem error, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.720
- Maya2020 compatibility updates
- Fully straight limbs build issue, fix
- poly-selection teeth definition fix
- fixOrient alignment on curved spines, fix
- FKIKSwitch with IKLocal>addCtrl issue, fix
- AimAt FitLabel causes error, fix
- RootX_MShapes error, fix
- IKhybrid-ctrls now match FK-ctrls positions
- Curly-spine alignment issue, fix
- Improved non-spherical eye setup
- SkinAttachCtrls in SimplifiedFaceSetup issue, fix
- FaceSetup fps improvements
- optimize joint-count for export added
- FaceSetup fps improvements
- Reduced flipping with IK.follow
- Rebuild breaks AngleRotation-driven correctives, fix
- Right/Left SplineIK build error, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.710
- added Selector>Display>FaceCtrls detach
- Connect to ARKit added
- Duplicating FitSkeleton joints error fix
- Joint resampler now works with joint-labels
- FKIKSwitch in Maya2019 Root update fix
- FKIKSwitch now works with Stretchy IK
- IKhybrid controllers added
- optimize-skinCluster added to Simplified FaceSetup
- RootX_M.legLock removed, now Leg-lock always On
- Create muscles on large characters issue, fix
- FitGeometry Fat display updates
- FitGeometry Aim display updates
- ikLocal>localOrient Mirror tool fix
- CorrectiveShapes for Face-mixed-attributes fix
- Simplified FaceSetup now updates FaceAllSet
- aimConstraints can now be used in the FitSkeleton
- EyeBall setup now work with Pupil as a hole
- SwapCurve now works on ExtraControls
- Non-spherical eyes support fixes

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.700
- Multiple languages added to AutoLipSync>advanced options
- Create HumanIK added to MotionSystem section
- AnimationTester can now mix Body & Face
- Body>GameSkeleton>Custom-Oriented-GameSkeleton added
- bipedGame FitSkeleton now has 1 more spineJoint
- AutoLipSync non-latin alphabet option added
- Edit-DrivingSystem now a 30frame animation with symmetry
- SkinAttachMesh is now a copy of templateLayer
- EditDrivingSystem > Cancel now always enabled
- No longer using straight-line-splineIk
- IkLocal can now be added to spine,tail,etc
- Non-symmetrical-face FitLip fix
- Finger RotOrder changed to XYZ, for better mix Spread/Curl
- CustomControllers now avoid attaching to EndJoints
- Rebuilding FaceSetup removes Body DrivingSystem, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.690
- Face AnimationTester added
- Lip control improvements
- MouthNarrow improvements
- SimplifiedFaceSetup improvements
- SimplifiedFaceSetup can now be full joint based
- SelectorDesigner button name fixes
- Dynamics on referenced rig bug, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.660
- Mouth corner can now be spesified with vertex selection
- Custom reparenting now restored upon Rebuild
- Lock & Hide of attributes are preserved upon Rebuild
- ShapeNodes not intended for animation, no longer showing in ChannelBox
- Unreal Root & IK joints function added to GameSkeleton
- Local option added to CustomControllers
- Maya 2019 crashing on Rebuilding, fix
- AdvancedSkeleton as WorkSpace in Maya2019 crashes, fixed
- AdvancedSkeleton as Docked, is sometime wider then needed, fixed
- FaceSetup Build process, now restores existing DeltaMush
- Bake Dynamics, now bakes animation to FK controls
- Dynamics > Unbake, removed

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.650
- MocapX support, IPhoneX realtime face-capture
- MouthNarrowing shape improvments
- Lip autosqueeze when stretched added
- Faster FaceBuild process on dense mesh characters
- Faster Convert to SimplifiedFaceSetup
- Simplified FaceSetup now creates FaceConstraintSystem
- Fix typo error of MoCapMatcher affected by linux
- FKIKSwitch changes rotationOrder, fix
- FKIKSwitch toe orientation bug fix
- Faster SoftMod weighting
- Maya2012 compatability fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.640
- Extract blendShape for eyeBrow objects fix
- FaceFitForeHead generation improvments
- EyeBrow DrivingSystem default values improved
- Face>Fit>Advanced>ChooseHeadJoint function fix
- Mac user issues with downloading librispeech-lexicon fix
- SlideJoints now includes with UnrealSkeleton
- Fixed issue with Maya crash when using HardwareTexture
- Auto-detect FFD on non-spherical eyes
- FaceExtras fixes
- LipA & LipB controls improved behaviour when narrowing lips
- Convert to blendShapes eyeBrow bug appeared in v5.631, fix
- Extract BlendShape moves onFace controls, fix
- Creating DrivingSystems from BlendedAttributes now mirrors

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.630
- Added Face->FaceExtras section
- Create SoftMod Control added to CustomControllers section
- Body>Fit section, split into Fit and Edit sections
- Added "Apply Example MotionCapture" to AnimationTester tool
- DrivingSystems can now also drive Regions controllers
- No Teeth or Tongue cause error, fix
- EyeSquint Lattice can now be moved, at Squint build step
- EyeBrow skinLayer weight mirror fix
- EyeBrow DrivingSystem Range, now set per characters Eyebrow size
- FaceFitForehead now uses LeastEdgesPath instead of ShortestEdgePath
- "Edit DS value of zero removing SDK`s" improved
- ctrlCheek.ty drivingSystem values improved
- remove curveGuide attr now also removes curveGuideMode attr
- Extract blendShape for mixed and blended attributes fixed
- BlendShape wizard erros on mixed attributes, fix
- fixes for user with ~ (tilde) symbol in their username
- Mirror pose updated to work with SoftMod Controls
- Attached beard, mustache, etc now work with SimplifiedFaceSetup
- Bendy limbs controllers now have follow attribute
- DrivingSystem Edit, setting values to zero, now removes SDK also for face
- If Tongue-geo defined, but no FitTongue, Then default FitTongue created
- Scaling limbs with bendy controls, incorrect joint-scaling fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.620
- CheekBone Locator added to Face>Fit section
- Jaw Open now drives Cheek movement
- DrivingSystem 10 drivers per control limit, fix
- EyeBrow-weighting improved
- Jaw-weighting improved
- Qtoes mixed with IKLocal causes IK-offset bug, fix
- Teeth part of main mesh character, face-build error, fix
- BlendShape Wizard & Extract now allows for custom added BlendShapes
- Auto Ensure uniqueLabels, for large number of SplineIK`s, improved
- Phoneme improvments
- FaceFit helpimages updates
- BendyJoints On, can now be used with TwistJoints at 0
- Adding Bendy-joints to Root, causes cycle error, fix
- Improved filtering for Face > Choose Geometry
- DrivingSystem Edit, setting values to zero, now removes SDK
- ConvertToBlendShapes > FleshyEye now also works with AimEye
- Create blendShape target button, renamed to Extract blendShape target
- Simplified FaceSetup hides Jaw controller, fix
- Create New BlendShape moves onFace controls, fix
- Edit BlendShape for mixed Attr (Smile/Frown), fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.610
- SmilePullOffset Error on DrivingSystems with no faceSetup, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.600
- DrivingSystems improved
- FaceSetup now uses DrivingSystems, for more easy faceSetup tweaks
- Delete Adv added to Body>build section
- AutoLipSync not allowing <blank space> userName, fixed
- AutoLipSync now automatically re-encode incompatible audio files
- SimplifiedFaceSetup: No Error, fix
- SimplifiedFaceSetup with FaceCap, zipLips error, fix
- FKIKSwitching with custom string attributes added error, fix
- ConvertToBlendShapes with no tongue error, fix
- EyeBrows now also influenced by eyeLidLayer

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.590
- Added Export section with GameEngine export functions
- AutoLipSync now includes example voice file
- Face-Build speed improments on dense mesh models
- Added Enable Mp3 to AutoLipSync
- Added ConvertToBlendShape: squint
- Added ConvertToBlendShape: fleshyEye
- Added ConvertToBlendShape: blink
- Added ConvertToBlendShape: ctrlMouth
- ModelCleaner now preserves custom normals
- Inbetween joints now works with Scale
- Mid IK Spine flips when RootX_M.ry is 180, fix
- Extract BlendShapeTarget moves onFace controls, fix
- Slider-joints now moves propotional to character scale
- Animation Blending Option now automatically turned On
- Scale-Controls now uses local curve pivot

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.590
- Added Export section with GameEngine export functions
- AutoLipSync now includes example voice file
- Face-Build speed improments on dense mesh models
- Added Enable Mp3 to AutoLipSync
- Added ConvertToBlendShape: squint
- Added ConvertToBlendShape: fleshyEye
- Added ConvertToBlendShape: blink
- Added ConvertToBlendShape: ctrlMouth
- ModelCleaner now preserves custom normals
- Inbetween joints now works with Scale
- Mid IK Spine flips when RootX_M.ry is 180, fix
- Extract BlendShapeTarget moves onFace controls, fix
- Slider-joints now moves propotional to character scale
- Animation Blending Option now automatically turned On
- Scale-Controls now uses local curve pivot

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.580
- Added "Convert Phonemes to BlendShapes"
- Non-symmetrical face section added in Face>Fit section
- AutoLipSync now supports Offset of the SoundFile
- Added Rokoko-systems to MotionCapMatcher tool
- added FaceControl-orient tools in Face>Tweaks section
- fixedOrient Attribute added to IKSpine1_M
- Selector now works with Recursive NamesSpaces
- CorrectiveShapes for FaceSetup improvements
- CorrectiveShapes SDK-tangents changed to linear
- DrivingSystem mixing translate & rotate improvements
- Spine oriented at 180 -90 0, build-issue fixed
- Quadruped FKIK switching improvements
- improved behavior for long curved tails
- Auto filter-out symbol-characters from autoLipSync text

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.570
- Auto LipSync added, (found in Selector & Picker anim menu)
- CorrectiveShapes various fixes
- Phonemes controller added to GoToBuildPose
- SmilePull update allowing models offset in scene-z
- JawCurves start/end cv`s now aligns with FitLocators
- JawSetup now allows for models with irragular jawline
- Maya versions pre2015 phonemes-compatibility fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.560
- Phonemes added
- LipPucker attributes added to ctrlMouth_M
- Jaw-open Lip-Shaper option added to Jaw-BuildStep
- Improved lip-shape when Jaw opens
- Sticklips-center adjusts with Lip-Shaper tweaks
- Connect FaceCap now works with Simplified FaceSetup

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.550
- bake FKtoIK fixes
- Bake FK2IK now avaiable for Spine, Tail, etc
- asLockAttr proc now avaiable in selector
- MoCapMatcher nameSpace with underscore, bug fix
- IKToes controller added
- IKLeg.toes attribute removed
- FKIK switching improvements
- Gorilla template toes order fixed

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.540
- MoCapMatcher improvements
- "Scan MoCap-skeleton" added to MoCapMatcher
- "zero-out MoCap-joints" added to MoCapMatcher
- "Create New Layer" button in Face>SkinLayers enabled
- MoCapMatcher Root-connection improvement
- MoCapMatcher-connect no longer stops at joint-mismatch
- Simplified FaceSetup re-added (Replaces ConvertToBlendShapesOnly)
- GameSkeleton>Unreal>TransferSkinning, now reverses when re-run.
- LipFalloff build error bug fix
- ikLocal=nonZero caused Cycle-warning during Build, fixed.
- "Cluster Controls" section renamed to "CustomControllers"
- Removing some `compound` attr-connections for FBX compatibility
- Removed obsolete FaceFitMouthNarrow, MouthNarrow, FaceFitSmilePull, SmilePull
- install.mel updated to work with "Source Script"
- MoCapMatcher now defaults to the "MotionBuilder" template
- Added "Mixamo" & "iPiSoft" to MoCapMatcher
- MoCapMatcher now remembers which sections are Expanded
- FrownPull & FrownBulge BuildStep`s, replaced with Frown
- FaceFit-Eye got deleted, with "Delete Adv", fixed

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.530
- UpMidLo weight-smoothing improved
- ConvertToBlendShapes now includes Squint
- BlendShapeWizard improvements
- IK-spine with no "inbetweens" build-bug fixed
- SmilePull incorrect pull values, fixed
- ctrlNose changed to move noseCorner opposite x-direction
- "Set rig to all FK" in MoCapMatcher fixed
- "Connect MoCap Skeleton" in MoCapMatcher fixed
- "Update" button enabled by default, fixed
- LipFalloff-Update fixed
- MoCapMatcher can launch from Selector/Picker, w/o tools

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.520
- Added FaceCap-connect (Face MotionCapture using iPhone)
- Added MoCapMatcher tool, to Picker/Selector
- Added "Mixamo" to nameMatcher
- Quadruped FitSkeleton, replace with Horse and Cat
- SmilePull controller behaviour improved
- ConvertToBlendShapes improvements
- Rigs with Multiple Main-controls, now correctly scales FaceSetup
- eyeLid`s closeAutoShape attributes now default value is zero
- Tail-system used as Side-Limb, Build-mirror-bug fixed
- Pose-Mirroring updated for new SplineIK
- multiObj teeth/tongue now works with "blendShapes Only"
- NameMatcher hip name bug fix
- NameMatcher imported animation bug fix
- asFitModeUpdateScale now runs once per rig, not per FitJoint
- ControlCurves->Scale now also works on Selected Face-Control
- Custom control curves with multiple curve-shapes, now rebuilds
- Reduced flipping occurring on Mid-SplineIk controllers
- All WorldSpace oriented IK ctrls now use "xyz" rot-order
- "inbetweener" at branching joints, child order bug, fixed
- FKIK Switching for Quadruped updated
- FitSkeleton now has has template attribute
- MoCap BHV reader removed

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.510
- Dragon FitSkeleton template added
- Muscles reversed surfaces fixed
- IKSpline improvements
- FKIK Switching updated for new IKSpline
- Generated Transforms from joint scaling, now auto removed
- BlendShapeWizard updated to include all targets
- CurveGuide controls now scale with Main.scale
- Scaling Main control affects Spine shape, fix
- Improved RibbonIK twisting on chains with non-equal spacing
- UnrealSkeleton custom joints now works with Re-Build
- WireDeformed EyeBrows now affected by SquintLayer
- EyeLashes now affected by SquintLayer
- ConvertToBlendShapesOnly now includes EyeLashes
- ConvertToBlendShapesOnly now includes Squint

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.500
- Bake "animation to BakeSkeleton" now includes scale animation
- Face Squint step added to Face-Step-Builder
- Eyes facing sideways, now builds correctly
- ctrlEye_R/L now have extraAttributes for rotateFactor
- Eyelid Droopy controls placement improved
- Jaw not working when model is under the Y plane, fix
- NameMatcher improvements for DAZ models
- NameMatcher now creates controllers for BlendShapes
- FaceSetup now creates smaller fileSize
- EyeBrowOuter now have influence on next EyeBrow ctrl
- FaceSetup improved for "Sideways facing" characters
- Lip controllers improved
- Eye closeAutoShape fixed for large eyed character
- 99cv limit in the "SwapCurve" function, fix
- DrivingSystem not rebuilding controls with underScore, fix
- various updates to NameMatcher
- Improved FKIK Switching for SplineIK (spine,neck, tail,etc)
- IK-Mid auto-aim improved
- Swap FaceControl to Spheres, bug fix
- Selector>Pose>Mirror now correctly mirrors IKLocal controls
- Added "CharacterCreator" to nameMatcher
- Picker: SmileFold_L changed to SmileBulge_L
- Picker: SmileFold_L changed to SmileBulge_L
- Non-zero values for IK-Mid Extras controls, fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.490
- NameMatcher Tool added to "Tools" section
- Faster playback of FaceSetup
- TwistFlip option added to Selector/Picker under Anim menu
- QuickIK added to Selector/Picker under Anim menu
- Display>Brightness added to Picker
- New IKSpine (also new IK tail/neck, etc)
- IK-Spline Mid controls can now be rotated
- Unreal-skeleton now works with custom joints
- closeAutoShape attribute added to eyeLid controls
- SmileBulge SDK incorrect translateZ value, fix
- inbetween->untwister untwists more correctly
- EyeLid weighting improved
- Selector/Picker updated to match new face-setup
- Selector/picker Mirror function on new face bug, fix
- if vtx count on lipOuter edgeloop not match lipMain error, fix
- Mocap HipSwinger_M.stabilize now at 10 by default
- Improved behavior for lip-ctrl rotations
- RootX_M.legLock now also locks tails from spine motion
- AutoTwist & ExtraTwist attributes on IK ctrls now working
- IK "followEnd" attribute, changed to "followChild"
- Tail only rig, to follow RootX, fix
- Attach beard, mustache added to EyeBrow section
- EyeLashes not correctly weighted in some Layers, fix
- Non-uniform scaling of SpineIK controls axis-mixed, fix
- Left shoulder polyBox inverted normals, fix
- Iris weighing bug fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.480
- IK Spine not following RootX, fix
- 180/360 Main.twistFlip attribute added (360 is time dependent)

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.470
- optimized SkinAttachCtrls, for redused file-size
- ConvertToBlendShapes now removes SmilePullLayer weights
- Optimize> PruneClusters removed

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.460
- Improved placement of LipA controller
- Tongue part of main-mesh build fix.
- Improved Extra EyeBrows weighting
- Re-added ZipperLips
- fix EyeRegion weighting in Maya2018 bug

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.450
- SmileBulge joint weighting fix
- Extra EyeBrows weighting fix
- Added SmileBulge button to Face>Layers

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.440
- Restored missing Tongue section

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.430
- Mirror ClusterControls added
- added Face>Layers section
- added Face>BlendShapes section
- added "Swap to Spheres" in Face>Tweaks section
- IK-spline added FollowBase & FollowEnd attributes
- custom curve with any large number of CV rebuild fix
- Selector RootX not work in "Extra" mode, bug fix.
- BakeFKtoIk not working when autoKey is Off, bug fix.
- Smile crease&fold replaced with SmileBulge & FrownBulge
- Custom-enumerated-attribute-alias rebuild fix
- IK necks/tails follow IK-Spine bug fix
- BlendShape sections re-added
- Non default scale on some faceJoints, bug fix
- duplicated SplineIK now automatically gets unique name
- Eyebrow weighting incorrect on large models, bug-fix
- Lip error, on complex mouth corner topology fix
- Rebuild body-rig affects face-ctrl with "Swap-curve" fix
- IKLocal now works with IK-tails
- PoleVector.lock offset on quadruped bug fix
- Face->CustomControls replaced with ClusterControls
- Fixed AimEye_R pivot offset bug
- Quadruped "warning not in build pose" fix.
- Teeth part of face-mesh build error, fix.
- Face ctrl curves now further out from geometry
- AnimationTester Tool added
- ctrlBox.jointsVis attribute added
- Limbs can now twist past 180 degrees
- SplineIK behaviour improved for use on long necks

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.420
- fixed Non-zero values for NoseRegion_M
- AimEye_M scales with Head, bug fix
- "influence" attrs now non-keyable
- droopy-ctrls not updating in paralellmode fix
- fixes for FaceSetup on non-Advkel body rigs
- Improved behaviour for scaling lowerFace_M
- Cheek influence attributes simplified
- face-selector bug fix
- Models that have tongue, but no teeth, bug fix
- Added "MaxWeight" to customControls section
- Lips now auto-press when stretched
- Added "keep build pose" for face-rebuild

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.410
- FaceSetup fixes

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.400
- Improved FaceSetup
- Model-Check added to Pre section
- Picker & Selector updated

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.350
- Added "QToes" IK-label, for improved Quadruped leg IK setup
- Tongue FitLocators initial placement bug fix
- Cluster-Controls not ReBuilding bug fix
- "rock" attribute added to IK-leg
- "ToesAuto" IK-label removed
- "legAimSDK" attribute removed
- Quadruped FitSkeleton updated
- PoserDesigner crashing in Maya2018 bug fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.340
- Muscular section added
- Cluster-Controls section added
- Version-Updater improved for Downloads from the Autodesk Store
- Auto-update now checks internet connection first.
- AutoTwist & ExtraTwist attributes added under "Extra Attributes"

v5.330 was the last version to be hosted by dropbox.
This means if you are trying to update from versions older than v5.330
You will receive a Error message.
To fix this, Download and Unzip the following MEL file:
And after opening the "About" section in AdvancedSkeleton,
then drag`n`drop the MEL file into Maya,
And then click on the "Check For Updates" button.

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.330
- Auto-update now uses host-server instead of dropbox
- Added "Adjust Groin area" to SkinCage
- SkinCage red-curves now better follows green-curves
- Neck/Shoulder area of SkinCage improved
- Auto-untwist of SkinCage added
- geoAttach now provides blending attribute
- "Add wrist details" button added to SkinCage
- ctrl-click on "Attach" eyeLashes to keep targets
- TeethColliderRegion added to Edit-Regions section
- fixed "SkinCage slider bug" that appeared in v5.320
- fixed quadruped backFoot-roll bug fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.320
- Added Retopology Face
- Bug fixed for using Spine-Mid controller for Neck IK
- various PickerUI bugfixes
- Panel Toolbar removed from Picker
- Picker "isolate" added, for hiding picker objects.
- "Mid" label with OriginJoint, bug fix
- Bend1-controllers now affect joint rotations
- Added "ToesAuto" IK-label, for improved horse-leg IK
- Optimize>Prune Clusters, breaks eyeLashSetup bug-fix
- PoleVector.lock improved behaviour
- All Face ctrlBox attributes now non-keyable
- wbDeltaMush plugin loads when opening Demo rig, if required
- Stretchy-IK improved behaviour

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.310
- Elbow & Knee Bendy controls improved behaviour
- FKIK Switching now also works with Spines & Tails
- Spine changed, FKRoot_M can now translate
- SwapCurve now adds new curve to AllSet
- Added HipSwinger label.
- Main.scale with Bendy-joints bug fix
- IKLocal>localOrient mirror bug fixed
- Chained SpineIKs bug fix
- FKIK switch of Spine on referenced rig, bugfix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.300
- Added Picker (alternative to the Selector)
- Parenting tool added to Selector/Picker
- FKIKSwitch now obey autoKey
- FKIKSwitch poleVector placement improved
- Face ctrlBox transform attributes now non-keyable
- Teeth popping bug fix
- FaceSetup without Body rig, bug fix.
- Added Body>ControlCurves>Re-use>SkinCurves
- Added Face>EyeLashes>Attach
- Improved error checking for FaceBuild
- Retopology section added
- 1-joint FitSkeleton bug fix
- copy/paste added to Body>Fit>Placement
- ColorPalette added to Body>ControlCurves>Color
- Added Body>ControlCurves>Re-use
- Squash of Bendy limbs bug fix
- BendyJoints Stretching improved
- Added MetaCarpals to Hand fitSkeleton limb

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.250
- Added IK-Labels Help-video
- Added Fit-Attributes Help-video
- Added Display-PoleVector to Fit section
- Added Display-JointOrient to Fit section
- SkinCage topology improvements
- Simplified FaceSetup improvements
- Added "Bake ExtraControl to Controls"
- Added "SwitchFKIK" to Selector>Anim menu
- Added "SwitchPivot" to Selector>Anim menu
- Pupils/Iris setup now longer requires FaceSetup
- IK-chain with many controllers stretching-bug fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.240
- Pupils section added for pupil & iris controls
- SkinLoops deformation improvements
- FaceSetup with IK-neck, bug fix
- "Extra" checkBox added to Selector
- MirrorPose-footRoll bug fix
- Pre & Post Rebuild-script option added
- Zipper-lips improvements
- Finger-spread edit-DrivingSystem bug fix
- EyeBrow WireDeform fix
- Face-Selector Pose-copy warning fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.230
- CurveBased Deformation Corrective Shapes
- Lip-on-teeth-collition added.
- Workspace docking added
- Finger-Spread now before Finger-Curl
- Spine skeleton geometry now bends with inbetween joints
- Lip setup asymmetry bug fix
- DeltaMush-all-targets bug fix
- "Joint-Groups" function added, (reduce flip of FKIK blending)
- SlideJoints default direction reversed

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.220
- Fish FitSkeleton added
- Demo rigs are now Download on Demand
- Added "Selected" option to Curve-Colors
- Bendy controls .stiff attr now default to 10
- FKIK switching with IK-local bug fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.210
- Added "bipedGame" FitSkeleton
- Added Simplfied-FaceSetup for GameEngine export
- Various FaceSetup improvements
- FKIK align for birdleg bug fixed
- Auto-orient bug causing Maya crash now fixed.
- FaceBuildSteps now shows which steps completed.
- CorrectiveShape angle-driver now works with FaceSetup
- Lip-falloff now separate build-step from lip-build
- Cheeck setup now separate build-step
- FitMode now removes transforms generated from scaled FitSkeleton

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.200
- Added Bake FK to IK & vice versa.
- Added Bake Mocap to FK
- IkLocal builds by default bug fix
- Large scale rig AimEye bug fix
- Locking attributes on FitSkeleton now supported
- Slider-joints move when limbs scale, bug fix.
- Unreal Skeleton

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.190
- Added "Version History", in About section
- Added ControlMesh section
- Added Stabilize option to MoCap skeleton
- FaceBuild of large scale models bug fix
- Tongue defined as points instead of object, now works
- Linux autoUpdater fix
- Added 2new IKLocal options

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.180
- IK-chest orientation behaviour improved
- Added "CurveGuide" Fit-Attribute, for feather-setups
- Added File-size optimizer
- WireDeform EyeBrow fix
- Global scaling with FaceSetup bug fixed
- Quadped front-leg polevector fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.170
- Fixed FKRoot rotation bug.
- Fixed ShapeNode selection of controls bug.
- Fixed Layered-DrivingSystems reBuild bug.

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.160
- Added dog demo rig (cody)
- RootX.LegLock attribute, now better isolate spine rotations
- Added ControlCurves color tools.
- Global function added to SplineIK Controllers
- Improved Scale behavior for stretchy limbs
- wbDeltaMush update: v1.8.0

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.150
- Version-updater bug fixed.
- Improved lip-weighting when building face-setup
- FitSkeleton Import, now has option to merge with existing
- Upper/Lower Face controls added
- Pose-mirroring bug fixed.
- Added "GlobalTranslate" Fit Attribute.
- ZipperLips bug fix.

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.130
- Zipper-lips added
- Corrective-shapes now works with "inbetween-joints".
- LegLock added to RootX control
- Lip-corner controllers added
- Improved bendyLimbs
- Auto-version-updater, now also works on Mac

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.120
- DeltaMush deformer updated, now supports weighting.
- Sample rigs now included.
- FitMode Auto-Orient now aims at first child, at joint branches.
- EyeLid push-out attributes added.
- NewBlendShapes-section added.
- Stabilize attribute added to HipSwinger
- Improved Squash`n`Stretch on limbs
- Face-Fit now topology-independent
- Face-setup improvements

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.110
- EndJoints removed from DeformSet
- Quick-Selection-Sets now works with Re-Build
- Face-Build bug fixes
- Face-Selector bug fixes

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.100
- New & improved FaceSetup
- Selector-gui on Mac bug fix
- WalkDesigner bug fix

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.030
- Fixed bug from v5.020, where quadruped spine built incorrectly

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.020
- DeltaMush deformer added. (Plugin by: Webber Huang)
The plugin works for Maya2012,2013,2014 & 2015, Win,Osx & Linux
(maya2016 have DeltaMush built-in )
- Hipswinger now works with "inbetween" joints.
- FKIK switcher bug fix
- Left fingerCurl default values fixed
- Optimized faceBuild process

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.010
- Improved 3boneIK behaviour for quadrupeds
- InbetweenJoints now have `unTwister` option
- various fixes and improvements

AdvancedSkeleton v 5.000
Major update.