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AdvancedSkeleton6 0.6.5 for Maya (maya script)

AdvancedSkeleton is a collection of Maya tools for doing character setup

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Last Modified:09/23/2023
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Can you take the Advanced Skeleton Rig into Motionbuilder?

Submitted by: William Watson William Watson
I'm new to rigging in Maya. I've typically done my work in motion builder. I'm wondering if you can utilize the advanced skeleton in motionbuilder or do you have to basically characterize it in motionbuilder before you can use it. 

Replies to this question:

  • nvnoor

    nvnoor said over 7 years ago:

    you can only export the the FBX animation that baked to the fit Skeleton
  • smith sera88

    smith sera88 said over 2 years ago:

    For independent filmmakers and students working from home, AdvancedSkeleton is free. For commercial purposes, a $3,000 license grants your company unlimited use of AdvancedSkeleton.
  • Sergio131

    Sergio131 said 3 months ago:

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