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aeSkinWeightsTransfer 1.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Export and import smooth skin weights by...

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Last Modified:07/26/2009
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Export and import smooth skin weights by comparing the World Space positions of the selection's Control Points with the World Space positions of the Exported Control Points. If it doesn't find an Export Point very close to the Import point, it will average the weights of the Export Points in the vicinity of the Import Point.

Features: UV-independent; Topology-independent; Type-independent (transfer weights between Nurbs, Polys, SubD:s Lattices etc); Transfer weights between any number of Shapes/Skin Clusters; Remove "new" Influence Transforms (joints etc.) from all Skin Clusters in selection; Limit the number of Non-Zero weights for selected Points without modifying the Skin Cluster(s).

Unfortunately I am unable to support this script anymore, and I personally feel there are other solutions out there which are better, but from the comments and some messages to me, I gather people are still using this script. Since my old website with the documentation doesn't exist anymore, I've decided to include the documentation in the zip file. Thanks for trying out the script.

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