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aks_spiralGen 4.1.0 for Maya (maya script)

This script creates a spiral surface or curve ...

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  • 2008, 8.x, 7.x, 6.x

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  • Windows


Last Modified:03/23/2008
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This script creates a GUI from where you can create a spiral surface or curve, with a full history in two different ways. Firstly, it`s a default cylindrical spiral; also all the creation attributes can be changed and animated.

Secondly, and this makes the script hopefully unique; is the fact that you can define a surface (Nurbs only) of your choice, and the spiral will be wrapped around it, in either directions "U" or "V".

So almost every spiralshape can be created, as well as shapes that are very abstract.

v. 4.0

- the resolution of a given surface doesen`t matter, before, the density

  of your object should be not higher as 50 spans in U and V, this

  limitations is removed

- the script is outputting polygons

- a new GUI is created


              - a little mistake in the UI functionality was fixed


- The help page will be loaded in your web browse

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