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amTinyTools 1.4.0 for Maya (maya script)

script collection for Maya

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  • 2018, 2017, 2016

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Last Modified:05/25/2019
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amTinyTools for Maya 2016+
amTinyTools is my script collection devoted to speed up working in Maya. Currently it consist of 45 scripts mostly for modelling and animation. Some tools might not work in Mac OS and Linux.
toggle camera
  • duplicate
mirror through component
duplicate to component
  • modelling
duplicate faces
detach faces
create locator on component
extrude around locator
extrude and merge to center
extrude and merge to vertex
create polygon triangle
patch hole with quads 2 sides
patch hole with quads 3 sides
patch hole with quads 4 sides
boolean carve mesh
create curve wire on mesh/components
  • pivot
to bounding box
align axis by component
match by 2 edges
match by 3 vertices
pivot to component with normal
object to component with normal
move pivot to vertices
move object to vertices
match pivots
match objects
  • selection
select by filter
select in hierarchy
mask components
edge path between groups
select similar mesh components
select poly islands by edges and face(s)
select partial edge loops
components in object mode
toggle object and component modes
  • tools with interface
Alpha Make for Zbrush
Driven Key by Distance
Duplicate Special Interactive
Flood Joints Influence
Merge Texture Sets
Mirror Plane
Multi Cut
Random Replace
Rotate Patch
Select Polygons by Normals Project
Select Edge Path by Angle Limit
Split By Material
Straighten Edges

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