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Last Modified:07/05/2019
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Issue with Export Animation

Submitted byPetriX PetriX
First i'd like to thx for this very usefull tool box !
I am surprise to be the first to get this bug.

There is an issue with the very fist key of every animation i exported.
It seems the export module overwrite this 1st key for some reason, some of the fixed (manual ) tangent have a wrong angle once i import it on the proper asset.
It may be problematic with a walk cycle in my case, i have to check every merged keys after export.

i tried different method to counter the problem, double the first key, non-weighted tangent etc.
The only way to save exact informations would be to bake each frame before the export witch makes the cycles non easy to edit.

I dont know why the program save a key at the export or how it write the tangent angle, but i cant see it in .pyc format. Maybe you know ?

Thanks you,
Patrice Vila

Comments on this bug:

  • Jose Maria Tejeda

    Jose Maria Tejeda said about 8 years ago:

    Hello, thanks for your comment The correct way to export a cycle would previously cutting last frame with the exporter. I put a video on facebook with an example. Tell me if it works.
  • PetriX

    PetriX said about 8 years ago:

    Hello, Thank you for your support, i immediately tried this way, but unfortunately, it wont work with manually modified tangents ? # Error: RuntimeError: file C:/Users/XXX/Documents/maya/2016/scripts\ line 183: Unrecognized tangent type. Use auto, clamped, fixed, flat, linear, plateau, spline, step, or stepnext. # then i tried with fixed tangent, but i says the same. this is what i would like to export : about "manually" tangent.
  • Jose Maria Tejeda

    Jose Maria Tejeda said about 8 years ago:

    Hi, In version 0.9.28 import keys are fixed. You don't need to export animations. The bug are in importation. In facebook I upload a new video explain how to prepare a cycle to export.

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