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AR_BatchView 2.0.0 for Maya (maya script)

Batch render through the render view window with multiple cameras and custom frame ranges

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  • 2016, 2015, 2014

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Last Modified:04/21/2019
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Batch render sequences through the render view window. Useful for seeing renders as they happen instead of mayabatch rendering in the background. Or helpful for moments when mayabatch hangs up or takes longer/produces different results than a local maya render through the viewer. Offers a workaround to the Arnold watermark issue in batch render mode on newer versions of Maya.
Most of the script has been rewritten using more efficient PyMel. The method for collecting renders from the tmp directory has been changed from trying to recontstruct paths to a simpler and more robust file watcher that should work better with more renderers instead of having to code their specific paths. The watcher looks at the tmp directory after each frame and then copies over all files that are either new, or updated.

-Copies files from the tmp directory where the render buffer saves them by default
-Deletes the files from the tmp directory once copied
-Single or multiple camera support (will render each selected camera at the frame)
-Interruptable renders so you can cancel at any time
-Progress window shows render progress
-Checks file output prefix for potential unintentional mistakes
-Renders a frame range, or a custom frame list
-Custom frame ranges on a per-camera basis (if blank, uses main list/range)


Place in your maya script directory. By default, this is Documents/maya/scripts.
In maya, open the script editor and go to the python tab and copy the following lines.

import AR_BatchView

Run the script or create a button out of it. 

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