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as_AnimArcEditor 1.5.0 for Maya (maya script)

To edit animation in 3d view by creating the arc in the same path of animated control & update the animation after adjusting the curve as you wish.

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  • 2015, 2014, 2011

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  • Windows


Last Modified:10/25/2014
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error message

Submitted bykhlug khlug
I followed the install instructions, but when I select an object and run the script, I get the message:

# Error: Bad magic number in C:/Documents and Settings/khlug/My Documents/maya/2009-x64/scripts\as_AnimArcEditorMain.pyc

I'm not sure why I'm getting that one slash the wrong way.

Looks good, I used to use this functionality on Max years ago.


Comments on this bug:

  • hanaisi16

    hanaisi16 said over 11 years ago:

    When I run the script I get the message: Ñò Ž§ûLc # Error: SyntaxError: invalid syntax # and the script: Ñò Ž§ûLc @ s’ d d k Td d k i Z d d k i Z d d k i Z d d k Z d d k i Z d d k Z d d k Td d k Td d d „ ƒ YZ e ƒ Z d S( iÿÿÿÿ( t *Nt as_AnimArcEditorMainc B sG e Z d „ Z d „ Z d „ Z d „ Z d „ Z d „ Z d „ Z RS( c C s d S( s4 To Edit animation in 3d view by generating the curveN( ( t self( ( sE C:/Users/OmSaiRam/Documents/maya/2011/scripts\as_AnimArcEditorMain.pyt __init__ s c C sç t d d d ƒo t d ƒ n t d d t d d d d d d ƒt d d d d ƒ t d d ƒ t d d d ƒt d ƒ t d ƒ t d ƒ t d ƒ t d ƒ t d ƒ t d ƒ t d ƒ t d d d d d ƒt d ƒ d S( Nt AnimArcEditorCreditsWint exi t st rtft ts as_AnimArcEditor_Credits..t whi– i  t lt t bst int adjs *** as_AnimArcEditor_v0.1 *** t fnt boldLabelFonts Author: Subbu Addankis> Rigging & Scripting Artist, Firefly Creative Studio, Hyderabads( Worked for Robot, MagaDheera, Arundhathis# Galipata and Anaganaga Oka Dheerudut s Mail Id: subbu.add@gmail.coms4 For Help visit My Blog: https://subbuadd.blogspot.coms Mobile No: +919949005359t ei@ iú ( i– i  ( i@ iú ( t windowt deleteUIt Falset frameLayoutt columnLayoutt textt showWindow( R ( ( sE C:/Users/OmSaiRam/Documents/maya/2011/scripts\as_AnimArcEditorMain.pyt as_AboutAnimArcEditor s " c # C sú t i d d t ƒo t i d d t ƒn t d d d ƒo t d d d ƒn t d ƒ } | i t d d d d d d ƒ| i t d d d d d d ƒ| i t d t d t d d ƒ| i t d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d ƒ t d d! t d" t d d# d d$ d% d& d' d( ƒi i ƒ } z.| ~ } | i i ƒ z t d) d d d* d d+ d d d d d ƒi i ƒ zÑt d d d d d d d d d d d d, d d- d d. d d d d ƒ i i ƒ zzt ƒ i i ƒ z’ t d/ d0 d1 do dp g d3 dq ƒ t d4 d5 ƒ t d4 d6 ƒ t d4 d7 ƒ t d4 d7 ƒ t d8 d9 d: d; d d dt d d= d d2 d d d? ƒ Wd QXt d d@ d dA dB dC ƒ t dD dE d dF dr dG d0 d1 ds dt g d dJ dK du dN d ƒ} t ƒ i i ƒ z¼ t d/ d0 d1 dv dw g d3 dx ƒ t d4 dP ƒ t dQ ƒ t d dR ƒ t d dS ƒ t d dT ƒ t d dU ƒ t d dV ƒ t d dW ƒ t d dX ƒ t d dY ƒ t d dZ ƒ t d d[ ƒ Wd QXt d d\ d dA d d d] ƒ t d d@ d dA dB dC ƒ t d^ d4 d_ d` d ƒt d da d dA d d db ƒ t d d@ d dA dB dC ƒ t d dc d dA d d dd ƒ Wd QXWd QXWd QXWd QX| i i ƒ z$ t d de ƒ t d de df dg ƒ Wd QXt d dh d d di d dj ƒt d) dk d dl d ƒ} t d) dh d dm dy ƒd S(z Nt ExampleTemplatet existst uiTemplateR i R t widthiú t heighti t alignt leftt ivt scrt changeCommands AnimArcEditor.UIUpdate()t borderVisiblet labelVisiblet borderStylet etchedInt collapsablet lii t hi} t wi t labels Frame_Layout 01t marginWidthi t marginHeightt menuBart menuBarVisibleid iÈ t mxbi R s as_AnimArcEditor..t easyTabst imwt imhi^ i s Anim Arc Editor In 3d Viewt nci t cwi csR s/ Enter Animated Control Here .. s Enter .. R t tf_AnimCtrlR t Anim_Ctrlt edi s cs* AnimArcEditor.add_Selection("tf_AnimCtrl")i i t styleR t rb_ArcTypet vrt calt numberOfRadioButtonsiF i– s Build Arc Based On : t labelArray2s Keyss Framest sli‘ s& Frames Per Vtx t om_NumKeyst 3t 4t 5t 6t 7t 8t 9t 10t 11t 12s >s AnimArcEditor.generate_AnimArc()t cb_SmartKeyss Smart Keyst vs >s# AnimArcEditor.update_ArcAnimation()s >s AnimArcEditor.openBlog()s About Author..t commands% AnimArcEditor.as_AboutAnimArcEditor()R i- i¤ t queryt selectTabt tlis2; i iÈ ( i i i i ( i s left( i iF ( i i– ( s Keyss Frames( i i‘ ( i id ( i i ( i s2; t cmdsR t TrueR R t definet buttont tabLayoutR t __exit__t __enter__t rowColumnLayoutR t textFieldt separatort radioButtonGrpt optionMenut menuItemt checkBoxt menu( R t templatet _[1]t AnimArcEditorWint mirrRbg1t bodyPart( ( sE C:/Users/OmSaiRam/Documents/maya/2011/scripts\as_AnimArcEditorMain.pyt as_AnimArcEditor/ sh 6G60! %' 7 c C s t i d ƒ d S( Ns t webt open( R ( ( sE C:/Users/OmSaiRam/Documents/maya/2011/scripts\as_AnimArcEditorMain.pyt openBlogq s c C sZ t d d ƒ } t | ƒ d j o t | d d d | d ƒn t | d d d d ƒd S( NRC i i R t txR ( t lst lenR] ( R t textFldt objects( ( sE C:/Users/OmSaiRam/Documents/maya/2011/scripts\as_AnimArcEditorMain.pyt add_Selectiont s c C s, t t d d d d d ƒƒ } | i ƒ d } t t d d d d d ƒƒ } t | d d ƒ} t | d d ƒ} | } g } g } x¤ | | j o– | GH| i | ƒ t | ƒ | i t | d d d d d d ƒƒ | | j o Pn t d d d d d ƒd j o t | d d ƒ} q… | | } q… W| GH| | j o@ | i | ƒ t | ƒ | i t | d d d d d d ƒƒ n t | d d d d g d d ƒt | d d d d g d d ƒxl t t | ƒ ƒ D]X } t | | ƒ t | d d d | | ƒt | i ƒ ƒ t d d ƒ t d d ƒ qÌWd S( NR9 t qi Rm s .txRD RP t whicht firstt lastt wst rpR> RC t nextt attributet tyt tzt optiont keyst rxt ryt rzR t cv( t PyNodeR] t namet intR` t findKeyframet appendt currentTimet xformR_ t cutKeyt rangeRo t setKeyPatht refresh( R t animCtrlt animAttrt numKeyst firstKeyt lastKeyt currentKeyt posListt timeListt num( ( sE C:/Users/OmSaiRam/Documents/maya/2011/scripts\as_AnimArcEditorMain.pyt generate_AnimArc{ sB % ) c C s t d d d d d ƒ} t t d d d d d ƒƒ } | i ƒ d } t d d d d ƒ } t d d d d ƒ } t | d d d d ƒ} t | d d d ƒ} t | d d d ƒ} t d | d | ƒ | pH t | d d ƒt i d d d d d d d d d d d d d g ƒ nP t | g d t d t d t d t d t d t d | | f d d d d d t ƒ t | d | i ƒ d | i ƒ d! | i ƒ d" g d# d d$ d ƒt | d d% d& d' g d( d) ƒt t | d d d* d ƒƒ i ƒ } t | ƒ t d | d | ƒ d S(+ NRO Rs i RP R9 Rm s .txt mint maxt ns .uValueRt Ru Rv t ri t 1t 0RL t animationListt sparseAnimCurveBaket removeBakedAttributeFromLayert bakeOnOverrideLayert preserveOutsideKeyst simulationt shapeR t disableImplicitControlt smartt controlPointsRz t _translateXt _translateYt _translateZt addt kR R€ R R} R~ R Rb Rƒ R] R„ t playbackOptionst pathAnimationR† t selectt melt doBakeSimulationArgListt bakeResultsR RV t selectKeyRŠ t getParentt delete( R t smartKeysRŽ R t minTimet maxTimet mPathR‘ R’ ( ( sE C:/Users/OmSaiRam/Documents/maya/2011/scripts\as_AnimArcEditorMain.pyt update_ArcAnimation¨ s$ 8OC$ ( t __name__t __module__R R Ri Rl Rr R— Rº ( ( ( sE C:/Users/OmSaiRam/Documents/maya/2011/scripts\as_AnimArcEditorMain.pyR s B -( ( t maya.cmdsRU t mct maya.melR° t stringt strgt maya.OpenMayat OpenMayat omt webbrowserRj t pymel.allt pymel.coreR t AnimArcEditor( ( ( sE C:/Users/OmSaiRam/Documents/maya/2011/scripts\as_AnimArcEditorMain.pyt s ®

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